Innovation challenge from the Ministry of Defence

Posted on: 05/06/2019

The MOD wants to investigate how its workforce could make greater use of a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ concept

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is modernising the way it works and has a strong desire to provide mobility and flexible ways of working for its entire workforce. To support this objective jHUB Digital is investigating how and where it would be possible for MOD to make greater use of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept.

The MOD has a corporate IT system called MODNET, which operates in both fixed and deployed locations, working at a classification of OFFICIAL (with caveats e.g. OFFICIAL Sensitive). It is not practicable or financially viable for the MOD to provide all potential MODNET users with their own endpoint device, especially if they only require limited access.

In addition to its own workforce the MOD works with many partners, companies, contractors and temporary staff who also require secure access to MOD data or services hosted on MODNET. Providing temporary access to MODNET necessitates the need for them to be provided with MODNET accounts and an associated end user device, often at a direct cost to projects, which is not cost effective or reflective of modern working. Alternatively, information is sent directly to partners, limiting the MOD’s control.

Both these scenarios could be addressed by adoption of BYOD solutions and the MOD is issuing a challenge to industry for interested organisations to demonstrate how they would tackle the problem and address the issues that BYOD presents. The MOD is interested in hearing about mature and demonstrable solutions that either make best use of their current systems or present them with a new disruptive advantage.


Responses requested by the 5 July 2019 and must be no longer than 20 pages.  Responses and questions should be sent to

Further details of the challenge can be found here.

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