Innovation Canvas helps break down barriers for UK clean and green growth companies

Posted on: 07/10/2019

Clean Growth UK use the Innovation Canvas to craft and draft innovation projects.

Clean Growth UK work with ambitious, responsible businesses by providing access to university R&D expertise and facilities, and the tools and resources needed to develop ideas into clean and green commercialised products and services.


They do this via three regional university hubs; Green Growth Platform with the University of Brighton, Greentech South hosted by the University of Portsmouth and the North Hub hosted by Liverpool John Moores University.

The Innovation Canvas helps businesses consider innovation challenges

Clean Growth UK identified an opportunity to use KTN’s Innovation Canvas as a diagnostic tool in parallel with their own needs assessment tool for companies developing clean or green business innovation projects.  The KTN’s Design team provided full training to the Clean Growth UK team on how to use the Canvas to maximise output.


Companies attending Clean Growth workshops were given the opportunity to work with their team of business consultants on a 1:1 basis to specify their innovation idea and used the Innovation Canvas to define the user, identify the customer need, pinpoint the customer’s challenges, review capability and identify collaboration partners.  This resulted in a defined action plan on where Clean Growth UK could provide support to develop and support idea generation for clean and green products and services.


The Canvas was also used internally amongst their own team to develop and craft innovation projects.  The tool helped identify the market challenges, internal and external factors and the barriers to developing a market ready product.


Commercialisation Manager Lorraine Bell said, “The Innovation Canvas is a natural fit for our organisation.  It works well alongside our needs assessment tool and provides an excellent framework for us to work closely with companies to consider the innovation challenges when working on clean and green product and service projects. It makes our process much more efficient, saving time in addressing the barriers to developing innovation projects.  It helps us prioritise which steps are the most important within the process and allows us to benchmark the TRL (Technology Readiness Level) level within companies.


Download the Innovation Canvas here.

Find out more about the Innovation Canvas here.

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