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Posted on: 20/01/2023

Innovate UK’s Net Zero Power programme aims to accelerate commercialisation of low-regret, high-potential solutions by linking innovators with customers and private investors and supporting the most promising technologies through our funding opportunities.

The energy system is becoming the backbone of growth as the UK economy evolves to enable us to meet our net zero emission ambitions by 2050. Meeting our net zero targets requires a transformation of our energy systems with increasing use of renewable and low carbon fuels used to power electricity generation, heat generation, transport, and industry. This presents a significant innovation and market opportunity, not only to decarbonise the energy system, but to safeguard the UK’s energy security and address the cost-of-living crisis.

The Innovate UK Power programme will deliver against 5 key objectives:

  • Work with partners and investors to leverage private sector funding to upscale businesses.
  • Develop integrated and collaborative UK supply chain capability and push businesses towards commercialisation.
  • Drive adoption through demonstration of innovative business models and value propositions linked directly to real customer needs.
  • Accelerate the development of the technologies that will be deployed for net-zero by 2050.
  • Ensure all we do and all we support promotes a just transition through responsible and inclusive innovation.
The programme's core activities are planned in 7 areas.
The programme's core activities are planned in 7 areas.

The activities are planned in 7 areas to support with the following objectives.

  • Offshore wind – international collaboration with nations with fast-growing offshore wind markets for cost-effective innovations in conventional and floating offshore wind.
  • Hydrogen– investment to support enhancement of hydrogen supply chains in key areas and develop industry skills plans
  • Industrial decarbonisation – help UK businesses to build international collaborations and access new markets in hydrogen in industrial settings.
  • Nuclear – working with nuclear sector customers to invest in innovations that improve the safety and efficiency of site operations.
  • Whole systems integration – funding for systemised approaches to drive adoption of innovations with building portfolio owners that enable them to decarbonise their stock.

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