Innolith AG wins Rushlight Awards 2018-19

Posted on: 01/02/2019

Eventure Media presented the 12th year of the Rushlight Awards on Wednesday night at The Royal Society in London.

Attended by organisations that are leading the way in clean technology innovation and sustainable solution deployment, investors, advisers, media, trade associations and government departments, the party followed the very successful Rushlight Show where over 500 delegates listened to Sandy Martin MP – Shadow Minister for Waste & Recycling open the Resourceful Conference; Philip New – CEO, Energy Systems Catapult, Bob Moran – Head of Environment Strategy, Department for Transport, and other key senior personnel from electric vehicles, rail, aviation and shipping in the Transport Energy Seminar; Damitha Adikaari – Deputy Director, Head of Engineering, BEIS and Mike Pitts – Head of Urban Systems, Innovate UK open the Cleantech Innovation Showcase; in addition to touring the Exhibition, incorporating the Innovate UK Infrastructure Systems & Clean Growth Showcase and the Awards Poster Exhibition.

The Show was sponsored by Innovate UK, BEIS, Flanders Investment & Trade, Carbon Limiting Technologies, Prova, Everoze, Granted Consultancy and Venner Shipley.

Julian Critchlow, Director General Energy Transformation & Clean Growth, BEIS and the guest of honour at the Awards Party, noted the significant role that the Rushlight Awards played in highlighting and supporting the leading innovators in the cleantech sector and recognised the very strong entries that were submitted this year from across the globe.

Clive Hall, Founder of the Rushlight Awards, commented: “Innovation is a key driver for growth across our green economy and beyond, helping us find new ways to manage our environmental footprint, reduce costs and help put our businesses on a more sustainable footing. The substantial progress that has been made over the last few years has been achieved through the successes of organisations such as those we celebrated and promoted last night.”

The overall winner was Innolith AG who are pioneering an entirely new battery technology platform that is redefining power storage. Using an unconventional inorganic electrolyte, the battery delivers far greater durability than standard lithium-ion batteries, as well as ensuring a safer battery that is incapable of combustion. A prototype of the technology has already been deployed on the US grid, delivering high power and a lifetime of over 50,000 cycles.

The group category winners were:

1. JinkoSolar Co Ltd for their world’s highest-performing, commercially mass-produced monofacial solar module, Cheetah series which combines the effective technology of monocrystalline PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell), and new wafer size (158.75*158.75mm).  72-Cell Cheetah solar modules have reached 400Wp with conversion efficiency up to 19.88%.

2. Lightfoot for the first connected-car technology to reward better drivers. The device connects to a vehicle’s on-board computer via the OBDII port, reads engine and performance data, and gives real-time feedback to users to keep them driving in their vehicle’s ‘sweet spot’.  The feedback is delivered via a system of visual and audible alerts and, provided they follow the in-cab guidance, helps users improve fuel economy and emissions rates by as much as 20%.

3. Enertechnos Ltd have developed Capacitive Transfer System (CTS) cable, a new form of cable for electrical transmission and distribution that presents as a linear capacitor. It has been proven to have lower voltage drop and to deliver more power from a source of electrical energy, be it carbon or renewable, than conventional ohmic cable and because of the lower losses, less overall power needs to be generated.

4. Aurelius Environmental for their lead-acid battery recycling process using hydrometallurgy which, when compared with the current standard process, reduces the carbon footprint by 80-89%, cuts landfill (slag) by more than 90% and eliminates all noxious gases including sulphur dioxide, at no added cost and saves energy .

5. Leanpath have developed a suite of innovative high-tech products – bench scales, floor scales, mobile tablets, cameras, consumer-facing messaging displays, and an advanced data platform – to address the high amount/cost of food waste in culinary operations through measurement, data analytics and culture change, thereby preventing currently one kilogram of food waste every 7 seconds.

All the winners can be found here.


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