Industrial Maths study groups – problems announced for the Uncertainty Quantification and Management group

Posted on: 06/03/2019

The problems for KTN’s Industrial Maths and UQM study group in Warwick, 20-22 March, have been announced and researchers are encouraged to take part.

The Uncertainty Quantification and Management (UQM) study group will focus on tackling some of the hardest problems in UK manufacturing.  The organisers, KTN, alongside the Warwick Centre for Predictive Modelling and the University of Liverpool Institute for Risk and Uncertainty, are looking for researchers to work on the following conundrums:

Understanding metal spray deposition variation – GKN. This challenge aims to explore the relationship between particles coming from a wire-fed flame spray deposition gun and the resultant variation and repeatability of the deposited material.

Probabilistic frameworks for nuclear integrity assessments – Rolls Royce.  This challenge is to explore probabilisitic integrity assessment approaches for a nuclear use case, an industry that typically has not used structural reliability methods as they are perceived to be less safe than deterministic design methods.

Developing a framework for Uncertainty Management in cyber-physical power distribution test environments – BAE Systems Maritime.

Manufacturing contributes over £6.7 trillion to the global economy and the UK is a major contributor.  Virtual design through modelling and simulation is extremely attractive for manufacturing and design; it can significantly speed up the development cycle and use simulations to substitute some real-life tests necessary in many cases for approval of new materials.

For virtual design to be useful, estimates of uncertainty should be present.  A particular challenge is in developing decision support tools which are able to realistically incorporate uncertainty estimates from multiple sources. What is needed is input from not only the mathematical sciences but also psychologists, data visualisation experts and engineers.

This study group will bring multi-disciplinary researchers from across the UK together with a number of industrial organisations (large, governmental, SMEs) to tackle these challenges focusing on a central theme of decision making in virtual design.

If you are a researcher working in a UK university who would like to work on these problems, please register here.


KTN’s Industrial Maths Knowledge Transfer Manager, Matt Butchers, regularly runs study groups looking at problems in different sectors.  There are several forthcoming groups, each of which will consider four-five different problems over a three-day event.  As well as Uncertainty Management, the groups will focus on AI and Health and Clean and Sustainable Growth.

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