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Posted on: 05/08/2022
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Innovate UK and The The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) are pleased to share this short podcast series with you.

NEW PODCAST EPISODE! Check out Episode 6 to explore decarbonisation within the chemical industries

The discussions led by Innovate UK KTN’s Jenni McDonnell MBE will talk to different stakeholders including policy makers, industrial sites and delivery partners who are helping industrial sites to understand what they could achieve by taking advantage of this opportunity.

The Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) provided by the The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) is providing capital investment to industrial sites to help them to deploy industrial energy efficiency and decarbonisation technologies and make a difference right now.

Whether you are an industrial site owner, technology provider or someone who is interested in our journey to net zero, why not tune in? We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the topics covered, and hope you enjoy listening.

Episode 1: What is driving the move toward net zero? 

In episode 1, we speak to Rachel Arber from the Dept for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and Sebastiaan Van Dort from BSI Group.

This episode explores why we need to support industrial decarbonisation – what policies and standards are helping to drive a change and move the industrial sectors, such as manufacturing, towards net zero carbon.

This podcast was recorded on the 4th July 2022; any events mentioned within the recording have now passed and cannot be signed up for. For further information, please see the links below.


Rachel Arber | Head of Policy for the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund – Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
Sebastiaan van Dort | Associate Director – Energy & Sustainability – BSI Group

Click here to download the episode 1 transcript. (This has been transcribed verbatim).


Episode 2: Industrial Decarbonisation in action

In episode 2 of the IETF podcast we hear from industrial sites both large and small who are actively decarbonising their manufacturing operations with support from the IETF.

Focussing on industrial energy efficiency, we speak to Tim Shire from Essar UK and Alex Patrick-Smith from Hinton Perry and Davenhill on why industrial decarbonisation is important to them and what they plan to deploy on their sites in the North West and Midlands respectively.

Tim Shire | Energy Management and Combustion – Essar UK
Alex Patrick-Smith | Executive Chairman – Hinton Perry & Davenhill

Click here to download the episode 2 transcript.


Episode 3: How do we make Industrial Decarbonisation happen?

In episode 3, we speak to Richard Pyatt from CR Plus and Animesh Ghosh from Envirya about the decarbonisation journeys of industrial sites they have supported.

The podcast discusses how to approach industrial decarbonisation, what energy efficiency and decarbonisation technologies are available and how delivery partners can help to advise industrial sites on how to reduce their energy demand and carbon emissions. 


Richard Pyatt | Director – CR Plus
Animesh Ghosh | Managing Director – Envirya

Click here to download the episode 3 transcript.

Episode 4: Decarbonising the Food & Drink Industry

In episode 4, we speak to Calvin Winch from Britvic and Andy McKnight from Heineken about the decarbonisation journey faced by the food and drink industry.

Our podcast takes a deep dive into the many challenges that the food and drink sector faces as it moves towards achieving net zero emission targets. We explore the advantages of having an engaged public aligned with the 2050 net zero goals, how it has spurred a shift in consumer preferences towards companies committed to reaching them. Additionally, we discuss the pivotal role decarbonisation plays in the fabric of both companies and the innovative strategies employed to bolster the resilience and sustainability of their operations.


Calvin Winch | Senior Project Manager – Britvic
Andy McKnight | Principal Project Manager – Heineken

Episode 5: Decarbonising the Ceramics Industry

In episode 5 of the IETF podcast, we have the privilege of hearing from Guy Armitage of the York Handmade Brick Company and Stephane Vissiere representing Wienerberger.

We discuss the unique challenges that the ceramic sector collectively faces as it moves towards the ambitious goal of achieving net-zero emissions. Our discussion also delves into the innovative strategies these companies are hoping to implement with support from the IETF. Join us for this insightful discussion of the ceramic sector’s path to sustainability.


Guy Armitage | Managing Director – York Handmade Brick Company
Stephane Vissiere | Wienerberger

Episode 6: Decarbonising the Chemicals Industry

In episode 6 of the IETF podcast, Jenni McDonnell MBE sits down with Simon Proctor from Mitsubishi Chemicals UK and James Findlay from Esseco Group.

We explore the challenges faced by the chemicals industry as it strives to achieve the ambitious target of net zero emissions. Our conversation delves into the innovative strategies both organisations are looking to adopt, supported by the IETF. Join us for this discussion on the chemical sector’s journey towards sustainability, unraveling the transformative measures shaping its commitment to a greener future.


Simon Proctor | Head of Project Puma – Mitsubishi Chemicals UK
James Findlay | Financial Controller & Company Secretary – Esseco Group

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