Improving lives and strengthening our economy: A national bioeconomy strategy to 2030

Posted on: 06/12/2018

Government, industry and the research community have been working together to realise a transformation in the bioeconomy.

The bioeconomy represents the economic potential of harnessing the power of bioscience, using renewable biological resources to replace fossil resources in innovative products, processes and services. The bioeconomy in the UK in 2014 has been estimated to have contributed to £220bn of output across the UK economy, supporting 5.2m jobs.

Building a world-class bioeconomy will transform our economy by removing our dependence on finite fossil resources. Bioscience and biotechnology has the potential to create new solutions that are economically and environmentally sustainable as well as resource efficient. These solutions will help to tackle global challenges and create opportunities in agri-food, chemicals, materials, energy and fuel production, health and the environment.

The national bioeconomy strategy to 2030 sets out the approach that government, industry and the research community will take to harness the power of bioscience and biotechnology.

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In the foreword to the bioeconomy strategy, Richard Harrington, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Minister for Business and Industry says:

“We live in an age of unprecedented demand on our global resources. This strategy will ensure that the UK can build a world-class bioeconomy, removing our reliance on finite fossil resources whilst increasing productivity across all our towns, cities and communities.

“A strong and vibrant bioeconomy harnesses the power of bioscience and biotechnology, transforming the way we address challenges in food, chemicals, materials, energy and fuel production, health and the environment. The potential benefits are significant, as we develop low carbon bio-based products and processes that will improve our daily lives.

“The UK is already benefiting from its world-class bioscience base. Working across industrial sectors and bringing together government, businesses and the research community, we will deliver an approach that is truly greater than the sum of its parts to help underpin our modern Industrial Strategy.

“This strategy sows the seeds to grow a world-class bioeconomy, building on the UK’s strengths to develop solutions that are economically and environmentally sustainable.”

You can download the bioeconomy strategy here.

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