IIoT solutions solving performance problems for manufacturing businesses at Smart Factory Expo

Posted on: 07/11/2019

Innovation Alley at Smart Factory Expo showcases innovative businesses in the manufacturing sector.

Based in the Innovation Centre at Daresbury, Asset Handling provide Industrial Internet of Things solutions to help businesses manage their assets.  They are Showcasing their products on the Innovation Alley at this years #SmartFactory Expo.

Innovation Alley sits at the heart of Smart Factory Expo, one of The Manufacturer‘s key events taking place in Liverpool on 13-14 November attracting over 6000 manufacturing visitors from all over the UK and Europe.

Innovation Alley is an ideal platform for start-ups and early-stage businesses to forge new partnerships with solution providers, customers and industry experts.

Asset Handling has two Software as a Service products;

Programme Insight Manager collates data from finance, calendars, costing systems etc to manage projects in one usable place.

Asset Insight Manager is a condition based and asset management solution that collects data via sensors fitted to machinery.  Using machine learning, customers can see how an asset is performing in real time, and identify problems as they arise so they can be dealt with immediately.

Asset Insight Manager is the IIoT technology that Asset Handling are showcasing on their stand in Innovation Alley and presenting in the pitch tent.

Lynsey Horkins from Asset Handling said, “Asset Insight Manager is a perfect tool for the manufacturing industry.  The continuous cycle of a production line is imperative for manufacturing plants to ensure they keep productivity going to maintain profits.  If that production line stops, it halts production which impacts on the profitability of the company.  Our product constantly monitors all the elements of the factory from the production conveyors to the air conditioning systems sending real-time alerts when issues arise.  As each piece of machinery and equipment has a lifespan, using our software and data analysis we can predict the lifecycle of a piece of machinery which means the factory owner can be prepared for when a machine will start causing issues.”

Asset Handling are looking forward to collaborating with a range of new partners, customers and industry professionals at Smart Factory Expo. They want to use the show to raise the brand of Asset Handling and the Asset Insight Manager product and understand the data challenges businesses within the manufacturing industry are facing that their product can potentially resolve.

Nicole Ballantyne, Knowledge Transfer Manager at KTN, said “It’s great to see companies with exciting new digital manufacturing technologies, such as those from Asset Handling, joining us on Innovation Alley this year. With #Industry4.0 offering so many opportunities for digital manufacturing Innovation Alley at SmartFactoryExpo is a great opportunity for manufacturers to find out more about the technologies available to them.”

Total Control Pro showcased their production tracking software at last year’s event. Hear their thoughts on being part of Innovation Alley.

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