Identifying the industrial opportunities for UK catalysis

Posted on: 04/10/2018

KTN are running an industry workshop on the 29 November in London to explore the opportunities in catalysis for the UK chemical industry.

Update 5th November 2018: Due to popular demand, we have released additional spaces for this workshop.

Catalyst science and technology covers a wide scope of technologies and applications making catalysis an important part of the chemical sector. An estimated 80-90% of the products made by the chemical industry are reliant on catalysts. With chemicals and pharmaceutical manufacturing delivering £18bn GVA (Gross Value Add, ONS), a significant proportion of this GVA generated is underpinned by catalysis and catalytic technologies.

Acceleration of innovation in catalysis has the ability to drive step changes in capabilities, efficiencies and sustainability, consequently transforming the competitiveness of the chemical manufacturing industries within the UK. Innovation in catalysis could impact the production of sustainable chemicals, agrichemicals, energy, fuels, pharmaceuticals, smart materials, composites, sustainable polymers and water treatment. In particular, catalyst technology could be key to converting ‘waste carbon’ in its various forms, from carbon dioxide to plastic waste, into higher value chemicals and materials.

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KTN are running an industry workshop on the 29th November in London on behalf of Innovate UK to explore the opportunities in catalysis for the UK chemical industry

The aim of this workshop is to explore current industry capabilities and to identify the challenges and potential opportunities for accelerating innovation in heterogeneous, homogenous and bio catalysis, that will enable value to be added to UK through its exploitation in existing and new products and processes.


Who should attend?

This workshop will bring together manufacturers, catalyst producers and catalyst technology providers who are interested in helping to determine how accelerating innovation in catalysis from late stage research through development and towards commercial application can benefit UK industry.


Benefits of attending

Attending this workshop will benefit those who wish to have an opportunity to share common challenges and to have an input into developing and shaping an overall picture of UK catalysis for Innovate UK.



After an introduction and scene setting presentations the day will consist of workshop sessions identifying the UK’s strengths in existing state of the art capabilities and exploring future opportunities along with the barriers and threats to adopting new innovations. A detailed agenda will be published soon.



You can express your interest in attending this event here. Please note, places for this event are limited and if the meeting is oversubscribed, places will be prioritised and we may need to limit number of representatives from any one organisation. Early registration is strongly recommended.

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