How the UK’s Agricultural industry can exploit RAI solutions to boost productivity

Posted on: 03/07/2018

KTN is bringing together the Robotics & AI and Agriculture communities to explore the challenges in agriculture and the potential RAI solutions.

An important function of KTN is to bring together groups of people that wouldn’t normally meet in order to spark new ideas and encourage innovation. On the 26th July, we are convening the RAI and Agriculture communities to understand each other’s needs and capabilities as well as providing a quality networking experience.

Agriculture faces a number of high-level challenges, including meeting the demands for increased productivity, while maintaining high sustainability standards and low environmental impact. An important and pressing challenge is having access to labour, and this is already impacting several industry sectors. There is a clear need for innovation with opportunities to transfer knowledge and technologies in Robotics and AI from other sectors, however there are barriers to overcome in order to ensure successful development and adoption of suitable technology.

Barriers include a lack of knowledge within the agriculture sector about Robotics and AI, the cost and risk involved in their implementation and the expert connections required to develop and exploit these technologies.

The event aims to address some of these barriers by fostering knowledge transfer between agriculture challenge holders and RAI solution providers.

By attending this event, primary producers and growers, agricultural advisers and agricultural machinery manufacturers will gain insight into robotics and AI technologies. Robotics & AI solution providers will gain greater understanding of where their innovations can add value to the UK food supply chain.

Dr Liliya Serazetdinova, Knowledge Transfer Manager in Agri-food said: “There is substantial interest from the agricultural community in the opportunities provided by Robotics and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Many people in the industry are looking for new and innovative solutions in this area, and this event will build on previous successful events we held in the area.”

Dr David Telford, Knowledge Transfer Manager in Agri-food said: “This event is very timely, particularly as there are new funding opportunities available including the £90m Transforming Food Production funding, as part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. Such funding could help progress new collaborations that result from the event.”

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