How Satellite Terminals can Best Serve the Agri Sector: Presentations now available

Posted on: 03/12/2019

Presentations now available from the STWG Small-scale Consultation Meeting of Satcom and Agriculture professionals, 20 November, Agri-EPI Centre.

On Wednesday 20 November 2019, The Satellite Terminals Working Group (STWG), organised by Sven Knowles of KTN, chaired by Simon Watts of Avanti on behalf of the STWG, and hosted by Les Hurdiss of Agri-EPI Centre, held a successful meeting of Satcom (Satellite Communications) and Agriculture professionals to discuss and identify the technology needs, challenges and possible solutions in for Satcoms in Agri-tech systems.


With rapid innovation among antenna and terminal technologies, Satcom services are becoming accessible to a much wider range of users. They can provide communications and data services to remote locations, they are more easily installed, and can be integrated directly into equipment.


Included in the presentations and discussions were Peter Morton of Tactical Wireless Ltd, demonstrating Ground Penetrating Radar applications and their GPR drone system; Dr Maria Kalama of Lacuna Space discussing Connectivity for precision agriculture using satellite connected devices and sensors, Kevin Maher of Sigfox talking about how Sigfox LPWAN could compliment traditional satellite services and Prof Tony Furness with a focus on the requirement of satellites and remote sensing to help in tackling food security. There was also a tour of the Agri-EPI Centre which included autonomous equipment used at the hands-free farming demonstrator.


The presentations and tour demonstrated that the Agri-tech industry looks to be revolutionised with the use of satellite communications along with the development of interconnected machines/vehicles, digital technologies, innovative sensor systems, the Internet of Things, crop monitoring and future innovative applications. Also, if the agricultural sector is to take advantage of Satcom opportunities to connect these applications, an understanding by farmers of the benefits, implications and the ROI for the use of these systems will be essential.


Please find below the presentations in order of the agenda.

Les Hurdiss РAgri-EPI Centre: Introduction to the Agri-EPI Centre at the Midlands Agri-Tech Innovation Hub
Simon Watts of Avanti on behalf of the STWG: Introduction to the Satcom Terminals Working Group
Peter Morton РTactical Wireless Ltd: GPR applications
Kevin Maher РSigfox: How LPWAN could compliment traditional satellite services
Dr Sven Knowles РKnowledge Transfer Network: How the KTN helps strengthen businesses and the UK economy

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