Harnessing two dimensions to transform front-line capability

Posted on: 18/07/2018

A new competition from DASA will invite proposals for innovative technologies in metasurface science with applications in defence and security.

Meta surfaces are two-dimensional (2D) structures with subwavelength thickness which can be engineered to demonstrate both conventional and novel functions. They have the potential to be incorporated onto and into devices or components, as coatings, or integrated into fabrics or structure.

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) has announced the launch of a new competition on metasurfaces for defence and security. This themed competition is seeking proposals for innovative solutions that will pull ideas from recent breakthroughs in metasurface science into products.

The competition is aimed at the private sector and academia who can harness electromagnetic hardware. DASA are particularly interested in novel metasurfaces and manufacturing technologies to integrate them in to platforms.

This competition is relevant to physical sciences and materials communities, and it could also be of interest to synthetic biologists. Synthetic biology has been shown to provide unique capability in controlling structure and in providing novel materials, both of which are useful in the development of metasurfaces. Synthetic biologists interested in this competition would need to engage with appropriate expertise to develop their approach. As such the networking event offered to interested parties will be useful in assembling the multidisciplinary expertise required.

Up to £500,000 is available for phase 1 of this competition. Additional funding of up to £500,000 may be available for phase 2. DASA will be encouraging collaboration between academia and industry.

A networking event will be held in early September – further details will be announced by DASA soon.

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