Glycoscientists come together to discuss research and technology involving carbohydrates

Posted on: 20/06/2018

Glycobiotechnology 2018 will bring together glycoscientists to discuss their biopharmaceuticals, diagnostics, food & renewable biomaterials research.

We are all aware of carbohydrates, usually in the context of the role they play our diets, but they also have many other uses ranging from cell biology, human nutrition and medicine to carbohydrate-based materials and the conversion of carbohydrates to energy.

Glycoscience is a broad term used for all research and technology involving carbohydrates, including the analysis, synthesis, biosynthesis and modification of carbohydrates. The IBCarb (Glycoscience Tools for Biotechnology and Bioenergy) Network supports UK glycoscientists to develop cutting edge technology in synthesis, biology and analysis of carbohydrates and bring these technologies to the market and provide innovative manufacturing processes. It is one of the 13 Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (NIBBs) which were funded by the BBSRC, with support from EPSRC.

Registration is now open for IBCarb’s Glycobiotechnology 2018 event on¬†3rd – 4th September 2018 at the¬†University of Manchester.¬†The meeting will bring together 200 professionals, academics and students working in the area of glycobiotechnology to showcase latest developments and discuss future opportunities in glycoscience and industrial biotechnology.

Industry exhibits are welcome, and travel bursaries of up to £200 are available for PhDs and PDRAs attending this event.

You can find out more here.

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