Funding and support available for start-ups and SMEs with a data-centric business idea

Posted on: 18/07/2018

Are you a start-up or an SME that works with data?

Data Pitch ‚Äãbrings together corporate and public-sector organisations that have data with start-ups and SMEs that work with data. Data Pitch is running a 6 months accelerator programme to help start-ups and SMEs develop solutions to meet challenges set by data-provisioning organisations.

The start-ups and SMEs can apply with a proposal for creating products and services that are innovative and will have high-impact, in response to the challenges.

If your start-up or SME is accepted onto the accelerator programme, you will receive an important financial and advisory boost for your idea, with support to develop your concept into a robust and sustainable data business.

Read about the 18 start-ups that are already participating in the programme.

Who can apply?
You are eligible if:

  • You are an SME.
  • You are working in one of the EU-28 countries or in the Horizon 2020 associated countries.
  • You are registered with the European Commission as an SME.
  • You are an individual company (not a consortia).
  • You will make use of shared, private datasets, either those that are provided by Data Providers or by third parties sourced by yourself (in the Open and Sectoral Challenges).

How to apply

1-Select a challenge

Select a challenge that you can solve with data. There are 16 challenges in three different categories:

  • Data Provider Challenges: you will ned to use the datasets provided by data providers.
  • Sector Challenges: you will need to use a combination of closed, shared and open data.
  • Open Innovation Challenge: this category is open to any other innovative data companies who have access to shared data and would like to suggest a solution.

2-Apply online

You can apply here.

3. Interview

If your application is selected, you will be invited for a 30-minute remote interview with a panel. You might then be invited to a face to face interview in London (between 29th October and 9th November 2018).

Why apply?

Your start-ups or SME will receive funding and support for your data-centric business idea. This includes:

  • Investment up to 100,000‚Ǩ (equity free)
  • Introduction to investors
  • Six-month business accelerator with the help of the Open Data Institute (ODI)¬†and Beta-I
  • Introduction to business partners sharing data via Data Pitch
  • Peer-networking and support via meetups in major European cities
  • Access to technology and datasets, as well as training and advice by Data Pitch experts

If you need support in engaging with this opportunity, get in touch with the European Team. 

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