Fostering international opportunities for agri-tech

Posted on: 15/03/2018

A new project is focusing on the development of international opportunities for the UK Agri-Tech Innovation Centres.

The UK Government’s 2013 Agri-Tech Strategy set out how government, science researchers and the food and farming industry will build on the strengths of the UK agricultural technologies sector. A key element of this strategy was the allocation of government funding for four Centres for Agricultural Innovation (Agri-Tech Centres)¬†to support the development, adoption and exploitation of new technologies:

*  Agri-EPI Centre – Centre for precision agriculture and engineering

* Agrimetrics – Centre of excellence for big data across the agri-food sector

*  CHAP – Centre for innovation in crop health and protection

*  CIEL – Centre for innovation excellence in livestock

As part of their remit, these centres aim to extend their technologies and expertise globally, with the intention of enabling growth for UK based organisations and also providing the innovations that will help produce “more from less” in international markets.

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Hadyn Craig, a consultant involved in a project to develop international opportunities for the UK Agri-Tech Centres, would like to hear from you if you are looking for agri-tech solutions to integrate into your agri-food business (anywhere in the world), research programme, or any other initiative that involves increasing global food production capability.

He can¬†connect you with the UK Agri-Tech Centres’ expertise and help provide access to cutting edge facilities and assets to businesses and institutions internationally.

You can contact Hadyn at


If you would like to discuss other opportunities for innovation in agri-tech, you can contact KTN’s Agri-Food Team.

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