Force Exploration Update

Posted on: 02/08/2017

The latest update on the Force Exploration process to wargame new ideas within different operational scenarios.

The Force Exploration process to wargame new ideas within different operational scenarios continues. The purpose is to support the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) 2020 decision making to invest in one area of capability and/or disinvest in another. This is a short update on the current areas of interest:


“Area Denial” Force Exploration

РThe date for submission of ideas was moved from Fri 28th Jul to Wed 9th Aug to give companies more time.

– The Industry Day (for companies that decide to submit ideas) will be held at The Defence Academy, Shrivenham on Tue 26th Sep from 1030-1530. Final details TBC.

– Three days of wargaming early July generated a number of alternative approaches to future operations that may require investment in new or different areas. Some of the areas that provoked much discussion were: enhanced simulation and mission rehearsal to include cyber, space, maritime, land and air; UAS to monitor Critical National Infrastructure (CNI); personnel enhancements eg exoskeleton; mass decoys; focussed stand-off jamming; improved sensors and enhanced AI to assess volume data; very long range ISR; long range communications, assured to protect against cyber electronic and magnetic activities (CEMA); deployed advanced manufacture; hypersonic missiles; cultural changes and specialist skills; and platforms with less infrastructure dependence. This list is intended to be broadly descriptive and is not fully inclusive and is, of course, without commitment!

– The Military Approaches for this Area Denial theme will be completed by mid-August and shared to companies that submit ideas prior to the Industry Day.


“Anti-Access” Force Exploration

– Feedback for companies involved in the previous Force Exploration cycle (with the Industry Day at UKDSC in March) is being compiled by MOD/Dstl. The aim is to get feedback for companies that submitted their ideas by the end of August.


“Hybrid Warfare” Force Exploration

– The Hybrid Warfare Force Exploration work will slip from end 2017 into 2018. Dates will be promulgated later this year.

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