Food: The vital ingredient

Posted on: 13/12/2018

Join KTN’s Professor Bryan Hanley, co-editor of Food: The Vital Ingredient, at the book launch event on 13th February in London.

As Food Specialist at KTN, Professor Bryan Hanley has extensive experience of the food industry from both an academic and an industrial standpoint. Prior to joining KTN, he held the post of Director, Scientific Discovery with Mars Inc. and was Research Director at Leatherhead Food Research.

Bryan’s knowledge of the food industry has been put to good use in a new book Food: The Vital Ingredient, which he has co-edited with Dr Wendy R. Russell of the University of Aberdeen Rowett Institute.

Twelve chapters explore¬†how chemistry will help shape the future of food and agriculture, including contributions by KTN’s Head of Agri-Food, Dr Jayne Brookman, Agri-Food Knowledge Transfer Manager, Dr¬†Liliya Serazetdinova¬†and our Bioeconomy Specialist, Dr Yvonne Armitage.

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The description of the book says:

“The production, consumption and appreciation of food are among the most important and¬†fundamental aspects of life. The supply of nutritious and safe food is pivotal to societal wellbeing and stability, as well as to¬†personal happiness. Revolutions in agriculture, in food processing and in understanding of the priorities of consumers have¬†enabled us to create a stable supply of affordable food even as populations have grown and society has changed. These¬†dramatic and beneficial changes in how we produce food have been underpinned by advances in science in general and by¬†chemistry in particular.

“Food and its production is now facing unprecedented and significant challenges from several directions including¬†population growth, changes in expectations, increases in diet related chronic diseases, globalisation and, perhaps most¬†significantly, sustainability. The flow of increased urbanisation means the vast majority of people are detached from the¬†knowledge of how food is grown, processed and presented to them. Under these circumstances, it is essential that scientists,¬†policymakers, legislators and industry members work together from a common and consistent knowledge base to provide¬†consumers with healthy, nutritious and sustainable food.

“This book presents expert opinions of thought on the challenges and opportunities people face in key areas and how current¬†knowledge can help to define our future. It is comprised of twelve chapters and deals with the whole food system, from¬†primary production to the consumer purchase. It will be of value to stakeholders including scientists, policymakers, industry¬†members and consumers.”

The book features 12 chapters, each authored by experts from across industry and academia, including several members of the KTN team:

  • Chapter 1. Global Food Issues and the Role of Technology – A. Bryan Hanley (KTN) and Wendy R. Russell (The University of Aberdeen Rowett Institute), and others
  • Chapter 2. Technologies Supporting Resilience in Primary Agriculture – Dr Wendy R. Russell and A. Bryan Hanley, and others
  • Chapter 3. Physicochemical Characteristics of Food – Peter J. Wilde (Quadram Institute Biosciences)
  • Chapter 4. Challenges to Food Safety and Quality: Technical Challenges – Mike Saltmarsh (Inglehurst Foods Ltd.)
  • Chapter 5. Food Analysis and Food Standards: Raw Materials, Traceability and Authenticity – Martin Rose and Kathy Ridgway (University of Manchester)
  • Chapter 6. Sustainability in a Global and Local Context¬† – Liliya Serazetdinova and Jayne Brookman (KTN)
  • Chapter 7. Diet, Health and Chronic Disease – Wendy R. Russell and A. Bryan Hanley, and others
  • Chapter 8. Food Processing Manufacturing and Reformulation Processes – Madalina Neacsu (University of Aberdeen)
  • Chapter 9. Consumer Awareness of Science and Technology Related to Food Retail and Mass Production – A. Bryan Hanley
  • Chapter 10. Food Waste and By-Products Valorization – Dimitris Charalampopoulos (University of Reading)
  • Chapter 11. New Technologies: Industrial Biotechnology in Agri/Food – Yvonne C. Armitage and A. Bryan Hanley (KTN)
  • Chapter 12. The Chemistry and Physics of Eating -¬†Peter Lillford (University of Birmingham)

Food: The Vital Ingredient is being launched at a¬†Royal Society of Chemistry¬†Food Group Committee event in London on the afternoon of 13th February 2019.¬†Bryan will talk about “How food chemistry will feed the 10 billion.”

This event is open to all, but if you wish to have lunch at the event you must reserve your place before 4th February. You can find out more here.

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