Felcana: The smart device for pets that's improving veterinary care

Posted on: 24/04/2018

Technology is becoming a key part of the future of veterinary medicine. KTN’s advice and guidance helped Felcana bring their prototype to market.

Felcana is a start-up business set up by two vets to help revolutionise pet care by using interconnected smart devices to monitor an animal’s behaviour. Felcana digital devices can be used by pet owners and veterinary staff to give insights into a pet’s day-to-day activities, spot sudden behaviour change, and diagnose health problems before they become serious.

Jon Kingsbury, Head of Digital Economy and Creative Industries at KTN, helped the company apply for Innovate UK funding, reviewing their application and suggesting improvements, and Felcana was successful in securing £100,000 to develop its R&D.

“Felcana’s product is unique. It is an innovative digital disruption that can tap into a massive pet care market, but as well as being commercially attractive to pet owners the data it generates will be massively helpful to vets, helping to advance veterinary science and improve health care for animals. Without the support of the KTN and funding from InnovateUK, this sort of early stage innovation would not be able to get off the ground.”
– James Andrews, Co-founder, Felcana


KTN has gone on to further support Felcana with other funding application support as well as a free exhibitor space at the Wearable Technology Show in March.


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