Energy Systems Catapult Smart Heating and Cooling innovation challenge launched

Posted on: 28/03/2019

Energy Systems Catapult has launched the Innovator Support Platform with an innovation challenge focused on the creation of smart energy systems.

Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) has a new initiative offering SMEs tailored support to de-risk innovation, help their businesses scale and secure investment.

Incubation or Acceleration Support will be offered by ESC’s Innovator Support Platform (ISP), with two Innovator Challenges announced each year, focused on the creation of a smart energy system.

The first challenge, Smart Heating and Cooling, has been announced and SMEs are invited to apply.


SMEs will have access to a network of partners to help with conventional business growth needs alongside expertise from across the Catapult – including:

  • Modelling¬†services
  • Consumer insights
  • Digital and data¬†services
  • Systems integration
  • Business model innovation
  • Horizon scanning and market analysis
  • Funding landscape review¬†and¬†investor readiness
  • Technical expertise and insights¬†from a whole systems perspective

ESC would like to invite SMEs who are working on innovative smart energy solutions for heating and cooling to submit applications for Incubation or Acceleration Support and is also keen for larger corporate businesses to participate and sponsor the platform to engage more directly with cutting-edge innovators.


Solutions sought
ESC is seeking product or service innovations that have the consumer or end-user as the focus, encouraging engagement with low carbon technologies, cross-vector solutions and energy reduction measures. Examples could include:

  • Improving performance and cost effectiveness of building fabric retrofit and low-carbon heating and cooling solutions
  • Better targeted retrofit in homes through the combination of data/simulation/control and packaged installed solutions which could unlock performance guarantee approaches
  • Lower carbon hybrid heating/cooling solutions for occupied buildings
  • Advanced multi-zone control solutions as an enabler for better performing and more appealing low carbon heating and cooling and delivery of new energy service business model
  • Innovative solutions at the user-interface of district heating networks that allows improved aggregation and optimisation of the network
  • Diurnal to multi-day or seasonal heating and cooling storage and related deployment solutions.

The focus of this challenge is around the smart, digital, connected heating and cooling solutions that utilise data to encourage consumer engagement to deliver services and outcomes.  The underlying technology which delivers can be considered in isolation but will be looked at more favourably when integrated or considered as part of a whole system.


SMEs are invited to apply for the challenge here.


Applications close Friday 5 April, 5pm.

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