Dstl leads UK Deterrence and Assurance Academic Alliance (DAAA)

Posted on: 16/02/2019

The UK Deterrence and Assurance Academic Alliance (DAAA) is a new community of interest for academic institutions to partner with Dstl.

The UK Deterrence and Assurance Academic Alliance (DAAA) aims to stimulate new thinking, and reinvigorate UK expertise, on deterrence and related topics such as assurance, coercion and conflict (de-)escalation. The intent is to build a community of interest, made up of academic institutions in partnership with Dstl (the Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory), that will conduct new research on these topics in order to reinvigorate this important subject.

The Alliance provides opportunities for UK universities to host events, ranging from small seminars to large conferences, that will bring together subject matter experts, young professionals, students, government policy and strategy leads, military personnel, and other stakeholders from UK and overseas. The aim is to refresh understanding of deterrence and assurance, and reconstitute UK national expertise on the subject.

Specific DAAA objectives are:

  • Development of a community of interest.
  • Leveraging of existing expertise and research on these topics.
  • Encouragement of the development of deterrence professionals.

DAAA Activities

Bringing together those with an interest in deterrence and assurance is at the heart of DAAA activity. There is an intention to run two workshops each academic year and conduct an annual conference (preferably at academic institutions).

Upcoming Events (full details and further events will be available at the DAAA webpage)

7-8 March 2019: U.S Strategic Command 4th Annual DAAA Conference, Nebraska, Omaha

May 2019: UK DAAA Student Research Day – see DAAA webpage for paper submission details

22-23 May 2019: 2nd DAAA Annual Conference
In association with the UK Defence Academy and King’s College London, the 2nd DAAA annual conference will take place on 22-23 May 2019 at MOD Shrivenham, Wiltshire. The theme of the conference is ‘Putting Modern Deterrence into Practice’.
Event page
Call for papers

The UK DAAA can be contacted at DSTLDAAA@dstl.gov.uk - please contact them with any events that you wish to be added to their list.

U.S. Strategic Command USSTRATCOM runs a parallel DAAA activity in the U.S.

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