Do you have a problem with existing processes in your business? The Analysis for Innovators (A4I) programme could be for you

Posted on: 31/01/2018

Want to solve an analysis or measurement problem from within your existing business? Come and hear about the £4m Analysis for Innovators competition.


Targeting competitiveness and productivity head on, by offering cutting edge R&D, expertise and facilities to UK companies that want to solve an analysis or measurement problem from within their existing business, the Analysis for Innovators Programme will open in March 2018, with KTN and Innovate UK Hosting a special series of roadshow events around the UK to explain the programme and how it differs from other funding competitions.

Any size business with any type of measurement or analysis problem are able to apply. This could be an issue of precision or accuracy of measurement on a production line for example, which you have been unable to solve using standard available technologies and techniques.

Innovate UK have partners on this programme – NPL, STFC, NEL & LGC – who run some of the most advanced cutting-edge facilities, techniques and technologies available in the world, here in the UK. They will be making their expertise available through initial free technical consultancy brokered to successful applicants to A4I, and then offer financial support to allow industry access to their unique facilities and expertise in optional follow-on R&D projects.


A4I will be run as a two-stage scheme, and at the first stage, we are not requiring you to describe the project that you want to do; instead you will need to describe the problem: its nature, any techniques you have already tried and the value to your business of solving it.  Success at the first stage will enable the brokered consultancy sessions for addressing the problem.  These sessions may lead to follow-on projects, and a number of funding options for these will be outlined and available to those wanting to take them up as a second stage.

Note that this process has been revised from that used in the first running of A4I in 2017, and so we encourage you to attend this time, even if you have heard of A4I before.

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