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Posted on: 07/12/2017

The 3rd edition of the VIB Genome Engineering and Synthetic Biology Conference will take place on 25-26 January 2018 in Bruges.


Advances and breakthroughs in genome editing and synthetic biology are now regularly featuring in the mainstream news and momentum is building around this exiting field. The latest edition of¬†VIB’s Genome Engineering and Synthetic Biology Conference will look at the tools and technologies that drive these advances, with a particular focus on:

  • CRISPR and Synthetic Biology Tools
  • Gene and Genome assembly
  • Targeted Genome Engineering and Design
  • Genetic Circuits and Regulation
  • CRISPR Screens

The conference will provide opportunities to network with delegates and speakers during the breaks, poster sessions, reception and the conference dinner. Poster abstract submission closes on Thursday 14th December 2017.

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The programme features academic and industry experts in the field including:

  • Prashant Mali¬†(UC San Diego, US): pioneer in the development of the CRISPR-Cas9 system for eukaryotic genome engineering and genome-wide screens.
  • Emily LeProust¬†(CEO, Twist Bioscience): lead innovator of long-fragment DNA synthesis and co-founder of Twist Bioscience, a DNA synthesis company that raised already more than $200 million since its inception in 2013.
  • Mazhar Adli¬†(University of Virginia, US): pioneer in applying CRISPR-Cas9 for epigenome editing, chromatin structure manipulation and ¬†dual-color chromatin imaging.
  • Peter Cameron¬†(Senior Research Scientist, Caribou Biosciences): Caribou Biosciences pioneers in CRISPR-Cas genome editing to develop new medical therapies and bio-based products.
  • Philipp Holliger¬†(MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, UK): expert in synthetic biology to study the fundamental principles that shape artificial genetic systems and their evolution.
  • Tom Ellis (Imperial College London, UK):¬†leader of the UK-funded project to build a synthetic yeast chromosome for the international synthetic yeast project (Sc2.0).

You can view the full programme and list of speakers on the conference website here.


If you would like to discuss opportunities and support mechanisms for innovation in synthetic biology and biotechnology please contact a member of KTN’s Biotechnology Team.


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