Digitally track and manage large components at quayside storage areas - new challenge on KTN-iX

Posted on: 26/05/2020

Win the chance to pitch to the challengers and, if successful, win a commercial opportunity.

A new challenge has been posted on KTN-iX, with challenger, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE), seeking novel solutions and offering those who are successful the chance to pitch and potential further business collaborations.


KTN-iX is an online platform that promotes innovation transfer, matching real industry challenges from large companies (Tier 1 and 2) to organisations, often from other sectors, who have innovative technology and can facilitate faster development of novel solutions to those challenges. The solution to challenges could come from diverse sectors – the transfer of skills and knowledge from other sectors is a key driver for the platform.


The challenge - Digitally track and manage large components at quayside storage areas

Siemens Gamesa is a leading supplier of wind power solutions world-wide. To support its growing offshore wind farm construction activities, SGRE is developing its network of port logistics facilities in key offshore wind markets around the world. Port facilities provide a mustering point for large wind turbine components (blades, nacelles and tower sections) which are delivered to the site by road or sea. The large components can then be stored, maintained and pre-assembled in kits before being loaded out onto Jack-Up vessels.


SGRE is looking for solutions to improve the tracking, management and optimisation of wind turbine component movements around port facilities. To give an idea of the size of the components, a blade is 75m long, a typical 8MW nacelle is 20m long and a tower is approximately 100m long, typically arriving at port facilities by sea in 3-4 sections before being assembled on dockside prior to load-out onto Jack-Up vessel.


The challenge is complex and detailed. It has been sub-divided into two parts and respondents are invited to apply to either one or both of the sub-challenges depending on their area of expertise. Solutions to each sub-challenge must be capable of linking seamlessly to the other, so individual applicants should consider the potential for collaborative approaches. The sub-challenges are:

  • Tracking and monitoring of physical parts, movements and maintenance activity, with the required hardware and software.
  • Data management, usage and visualisation, with the required software and interfaces.


One of the established port facilities is located in Hull and will be the initial focus for this challenge, providing a test site to pilot the successful solution. However any solution to this challenge should be scalable and transferable so that it can be rolled out across other port facilities.


Chris Bagley, Head of Infrastructure for KTN said: “Challengers are looking for solutions and have often exhausted their usual routes. That means the answers often come from outside their own sector, giving successful applicants the opportunity to get in front of large companies and get that vital foot in the door”.


This challenge closes on 2 July. To read the brief and supporting information and to submit an application, visit KTN-iX here.

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