Digital Security by Design – Industrial Strategy Scoping Workshop

Posted on: 20/05/2019

This event will describe the UK Government announcement about design and development of hardware to secure digital computing infrastructure.

Digital Security by Design – Industrial Strategy Scoping Workshop

In January 2019, the UK Government announced up to £70 million to radically update our insecure digital computing infrastructure. This investment will support research into the design and development of hardware so that they will be more secure and resilient from the outset. This aims to ‘design out’ many forms of cyber threats by ‘designing in’ security and protection technology/solutions into hardware and chip designs, ultimately helping to eradicate a significant proportion of the current cyber risks for businesses and services in future connected smart products.

Funding may include activities to mathematically prove and create a hardware technology platform prototype (devboard) available for investigation, plus software development to enable and expose the new capabilities to developers.

Social factors are also being considered regards its adoption, with academic research investigating the wider and longer-term implications. Businesses will also be invited to collaborate with academia to demonstrate the industrial effects and benefits of the new technologies.

This is tremendously exciting research and innovation – which, if successful, will enable the UK to become a world leader in the race against some of the most damaging cyber security threats.

At the workshop, UKRI will present its current thinking around the scope, objectives, and delivery mechanisms for the challenge, and we’d very much also welcome your input in the design process of this, such that DSbD meets its aims and objectives.


You can find out more and register here.

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