Did you know KTN can help make introductions to Design companies?

Posted on: 06/04/2020

For further details on particular types of design work, the following professional networks may be useful in finding the right support.


For industrial and product design – the British Industrial Design Association

For service design – Service Design Network UK

For design advice regarding the value of using design

For a guide on how to select a designer – Design Business Association

Or get in touch with our Design team to help connect with the right type of designers for your project.


Below is a list of designers that have expressed an interest in partnering with collaborators specifically for the GCRF opportunity. While we do not vet these, please check their portfolio online to see whether they offer the right sort of support for your project.


Tim Sharpe
Co-founder, Design and Innovation Director, Better Normal

Al Kennedy
Business Designer | Founder | Leadership Coach | MBA / MA / FRSA

Jesse Belgrave

Danny Herbert
Design Council Associate and Brand Consultant

Chris Natt
Design and Innovation Consultant

Nick Vessey
Managing Director Product Design at WMP Creative

Andrew McCulloch
Managing Director and Co-Owner, Minima

Tom Moy
Little Mammoth

Mark Penver
Lead Designer, 4C Design | Managing Director, TENc

David Watts
Managing Director at CCD Design and Ergonomics Ltd

Richard Hall
Managing Director at Pd-m International Ltd

Gabriela Soler - “We are a team from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and we can be a think partner of projects, for context considerations (social, cultural, business)”
Zoom Sustentable
Strategic Sustainable Design

Katie Beverley
Ecodesign Centre, PDR

For a list of Design Mentors, Read our Portfolio here!

In this document you will find details about the KTN Design Mentors programme. The objective of the KTN Design Mentors programme is to offer expert coaching and advice to those leading innovative R&D projects and ensure the projects are completed to a high-standard, within time and within budget. The mentors have been selected based on their in-depth knowledge of design methods and vast experience in bringing products and services to market.

To download the portfolio, click here.

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