Developing new and safer manufacturing processes for the chemical industries

Posted on: 01/11/2017

The BIOOX consortium have developed new technologies and delivered consumer benefits through quality, safety, and innovative products.

Biocatalysis is often defined as the use of natural substances to accelerate Рor in other words catalyse - chemical reactions. For example enzymes (protein catalysts) can be used to improve the performance of laundry detergents.

Biocatalysis can also be used as an alternative to chemical catalysts – this is particularly useful when replacing chemical catalysts that are toxic or produce residues that pollute the environment.

Biocatalysis for oxidative chemical manufacture processes has the potential to deliver a major advantage to the European chemical-using industries and the environment. The EU funded BIOOX project has delivered valuable science offering new insights into the enzymes and processes which will be required to develop new industrial bio-oxidation reactions. Project achievements include technologies for applications in diverse markets, including chemicals and intermediates, biopolymers, consumer products, and flavours and fragrances.


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The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) participates in European projects where they support KTN purpose and strategy. Within the BIOOX project, KTN is the partner responsible for IP Management, Publications, Dissemination and Public Engagement.

BIOOX is now coming to the end of its four year research programme and has recently published its final newsletter, which includes articles on:

  • A conference presentation by C-Tech Innovation Ltd
  • An update on leading-edge biocatalysts from¬†Prozomix
  • Latest scientific papers published
  • Forthcoming events in Biotechnology

You can read the newsletter here.

You can view a BIOOX webinar on automated determination of oxygen dependent enzyme kinetic in a tube-in-tube reactor here.

If you would like to discuss opportunities for innovation in biocatalysis¬† you can contact a member of KTN’s Chemistry Team.

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