Developing Commercial Microgravity Opportunities in the UK

Posted on: 01/03/2019

Share your views on the development of a commercial micro-gravity community in the UK.

The UK Space Agency is reviewing how it can support UK players in the emerging Commercial Microgravity sector.

Through discussions with various stakeholders over the last year a concept of a ‘Community Business Developer’ has emerged. The UK Space Agency has been reviewing how this role could operate in partnership with industry stakeholders, and has asked Innovate UK’s Knowledge Transfer Network to further define a possible vehicle for delivery of this role, which would:

  • bring together potential commercial users of microgravity with platform developers and academia.
  • Raise awareness, promote and inform industry, including non-traditional space markets who to date are unaware of the possibilities of the microgravity research environment.
  • Understand the needs of the market
  • Identify barriers, enablers, risks, standards and legislation
  • Roadmap the process from project idea through to full commercial activity
  • Connect and enable collaboration

As part of the scoping process, you are invited to a workshop on 5th March, 10am-4pm at ECSAT (in Harwell, near Oxford) to learn more about this work and input your views to the process.

To register for a free place at the workshop, click here.

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