Designing the neighbourhoods of the future to support active and healthy ageing

Posted on: 05/04/2018

The Agile Ageing Alliance 4th Annual Congress “Neighbourhoods of the Future” will take place on 9th-10th May 2018 in London.

In 2017 the Agile Ageing Alliance (AAA) published its “Neighbourhoods of the Future” white paper¬†which set out a manifesto for change and described some of the products, services and, notably, housing designs which could bring about the required paradigm shift in our attitudes and approach to ageing.

This year the AAA¬†4th Annual Congress, on 9th-10th May in London, will take the theme “Neighbourhoods of the Future” and will focus on the white paper.

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Join a radical alliance of ‘unusual suspects’

“A child born today can expect to live to 100 years – so now we must seize the opportunity to improve the quality of lives lived longer and transform the way we think about our work, our housing, our health, our finances and our communities.”

These are the words of Caroline Dinenage, Minister of State for Care, speaking at the launch of the Industrial Strategy (ISCF) Grand Challenge on Ageing Society.

The ageing society challenge necessitates¬† a more collaborative and “revolutionary” approach to R&D with an emphasis on multi-discipinary solutions that improve upon the user experience, interoperability, data exchange, risk sharing and commercialisation.

You are invited to join a radical alliance of ‘unusual suspects’ to form large scale demonstrators. The event will feature over 30 sector leaders who will talk about what this revolution looks like through their respective lenses and share ideas on how we can do so much more working in collaboration.

You can find out more and register here.


If you would like to discuss opportunities for innovation in products and services for healthy ageing, you can contact David Calder - Knowledge Transfer Manager, Life Sciences (Health).

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