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Posted on: 16/02/2022

A collection of vox pop videos about the power of design, exciting design opportunities, and the future of design from members of the Design Innovation Network of the community.


The Design Innovation Network is a collective of designers and innovators from across the globe. Together, we’re finding answers to some of the world’s most significant challenges, to help introduce positive change and shape our collective future.

We asked Design Innovation Network members to share their passion and insights on the future of design; the most powerful aspects of design and; the most exciting opportunities for design to drive positive change. We’ve compiled a video with some of the highlights.

So far, we’ve received over 60 responses to our questions. Key Design in Innovation themes emerging include:

  • Design as a means of building trust and inclusion
  • Design as a tool for addressing complexity, uncertainty, and managing risk
  • Systems-aware design
  • Regenerative planet-centred design

Over the next few weeks, keep a lookout. We will be publishing more network member responses to the following questions:

What is the most powerful aspect of design?
What does the future of design look like?
What is the most exciting opportunity for design?

We’d love to hear what you think. If these videos ignite your curiosity and inspire you to get involved with the Design Innovation Network, you can find out more and sign up here.

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