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Posted on: 16/03/2018

The Smart Specialisation Hub are looking to source a design agency to complete a data visualisation and website integration project.

The Smart Specialisation Hub is an independent organisation that provides objective analysis and support to improve local and national understanding of innovation capabilities. We are looking to source a design agency to complete a data visualisation and website integration project, which incorporates the following task.

The Hub has published a series of benchmarked comparative data on sectoral innovation activity starting with the Map of England’s Innovation Activity. Those reports presented a way for Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and other local actors to understand and compare sectoral performance and search sectors to identify areas of peak activity.

While we wish to continue with the existing overall style, we would like to consider a variety of ways of data visualisation and consider that the approach used in previous publications (see reports on the website) may be inadequate for the next two reports. We request at least two alternatives for discussion. For guidance, the data for each report will all be quantitative (rated 0-100%) and for each of the 38 LEPs there will be 5-6 indicators, each of which will be the sum of around 3 sub indicators. The data needs to be displayed in a way which allows easy visual comparison between the LEPs.

The data is benchmarked for the 38 LEPs and is going to be provided in excel format. It should be easy for our audiences to understand the Innovation Environment and Ecosystem of a LEP and be able to compare it to the rest of the LEPs.

Work to be carried out:

  • Working with the Smart Spec Hub team to come up with graphical representation of the data provided
  • Designing two visualisation comparative reports of the 38 LEPs ‚Äì one for Environment (end of March) and one for Ecosystem (end of April)


Within this brief we welcome some additional suggestions based on your creative experience.

Budget: £20,000 (incl. VAT)

Please provide an estimate for completion of the task. If you have any further questions on this brief please contact Lyuba Dimitrova, Analyst Smart Specialisation:

The deadline to quote is Wednesday 21st March.

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