DATA.SPACE 2018 - The information conference of the new space revolution

Posted on: 13/12/2017

Space-enabled data has the potential to revolutionise decision-making and innovation in a multitude of sectors. 

The DATA.SPACE 2018 conference, on 31st January to 2nd February 2018 in Glasgow will feature companies at the leading edge of the exploitation of new data from space and platforms for use within a variety of sectors including agriculture, aquaculture, energy, healthcare, transport, maritime and logistics.

Day 1 of the conference will look at platforms and applications, and day 2 will focus on global market opportunities. The conference will also showcase some of the most exciting new starts as the DATA.SPACE Ones2Watch in 2018 with marketing support, a pitch session on the morning of the first day of conference, a dedicated Innovation Zone for the Ones2Watch in the exhibition area, and enhanced access to Investors and potential customers. You can find out more and register here.

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You’ll see how innovations in these platforms, data sets and services are resulting in improvements in:


  • Water Conservation ‚Äì optimal irrigation and fertiliser use, soil health, monitor environment
  • Crop infestation and prediction ‚Äì pest and disease control, growth lifecycles, crop health
  • Yield data ‚Äì accurate forecast models, precision farming, guided machinery
  • Weather forecasting ‚Äì optimal planting and harvesting


  • Site selection ‚Äì hydrodynamic modelling
  • Environmental monitoring ‚Äì harmful algal bloom prediction and tracking, weather forecasting, feed and medicine usage
  • Data Collection and Connectivity ‚Äì fish behaviour, stock control, data analytics, harvesting information


  • Operating in harsh environments ‚Äì environment, power or communication
  • Crossover technologies ‚Äì including drilling, subsea and pipeline
  • Efficiencies and profits ‚Äì lifecycle, efficiency or bottom line etc.
  • Weather forecasting ‚Äì asset and operational maintenance, travel, improved servicing
  • Asset location ‚Äì environment, seabed, weather, accessibility, site identification
  • Automation ‚Äì maintenance, data analytics, predictive services, reducing risk


  • Telemedicine ‚Äì epidemics monitoring and prevention, remote diagnosis, remote monitoring and intervention, care for elderly and vulnerable people in remote locations
  • Medical analytics ‚Äì preventative care
  • Mobility ‚Äì enhanced mobility and autonomy of persons with disabilities, autonomous living for elderly and vulnerable people
  • Health services ‚Äì hospitals and care centres‚Äô services, healthy lifestyles promotion, reactivity, communication and coordination in emergency contexts

Transport, maritime & logistics

  • Logistics ‚Äì real time travel updates, accurate delivery times, tracking vehicles
  • Intelligent Transport Systems ‚Äì connected transport networks, autonomous vehicles
  • Communications ‚Äì seamless connectivity, internet capabilities on public transport
  • Monitoring ‚Äì optimising air quality and environmental conditions
  • Maritime navigation ‚Äì including tracking, shipping, logistics, route planning
  • Weather forecasting ‚Äì route planning, asset maintenance
  • Automation ‚Äì autonomous systems, in situ data collection
  • Sophisticated analytics ‚Äì tracking illegal activity
  • Security ‚Äì connected vessels to ports
  • Search and rescue ‚Äì pinpoint positioning, remote connectivity

You can find out more about the DATA.SPACE 2018 conference, on 31st January to 2nd February 2018 in Glasgow, here.

If you would like to discuss opportunities and support mechanisms for innovation in space technologies please contact a member of KTN’s Space Team.


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