Collaborative Alliance of Organisations Announced to Advance the UK’s Cyber Security Profession

Posted on: 31/07/2018

A collaborative alliance to advance the development of the cyber security profession has been established.

The alliance was established in recognition of the United Kingdom’s increasing economic dependence on internet-enabled capabilities, and established by representative groups including councils, chartered professional bodies, professional certification bodies, academics and industry representatives.

The Alliance brings together a range of established expertise and disciplines, each of which currently has a leadership role in underpinning UK resilience in the digital environment. With an overall aim to provide clarity around the skills, competences and career pathways within this fast-moving area of professional practice, the initial objective is to support commitments expressed within the UK National Cyber Security Strategy to provide a focal point for advising national policy, including the stated intent to recognise professionals through Chartered status.

The founding membership includes several bodies operating under a Royal Charter granted through the Privy Council, and able to grant chartered status within their discipline, and it is open to including any organisation currently working on its common aims.

Ahmed Kotb, IET Cyber Lead, said: “It’s fundamental that cyber security is seen as an established profession and we are in support of the need for a professional body to recognise the breadth of expertise within the industry.The Alliance offers the integration and coordination of existing Chartered and professional bodies across a range of cyber disciplines, that can provide credibility and knowledge to help deliver this work.

“With cyber skills shortages already emerging at every level, we are committed to working with the Government and the National Cyber Security Centre on the best solution. This will enable the rapid, yet capable development of specialist cyber skills to meet the growing needs of the industry, manage risk and secure the next generation of talent.‚Äù

The announcement follows constituent members’ participation in a series of workshops led by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to develop a national professional body for cyber security, with government’s proposals now open to public consultation.

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