Clean Air London looking for innovative solutions to improve Air Quality across the city

Posted on: 01/09/2017

As part of the Highways UK 2017 event, Clean Air London are looking for innovative solutions to improve air quality across London.

Air quality has continued to rise up the list of top concerns for Londoners. In March 2016, only a few months before the Mayoral election, 43% of Londoners listed air quality as their biggest health threat, more than drug use, stress or poor diet. When asking parents whether they were concerned for their children’s health because of poor air quality, more than two thirds said they were.

Sadly, the fears of the health risks caused by air pollution are well founded. Every year, it takes only a few days for a number of central areas in London to breach the Nitrogen Dioxide hourly EU legal limit value for the calendar year. 52,000 life-years were lost due to man-made particulate matter in London in 2010 – a cost that is being felt by people across the capital.

As part of the Highways UK 2017 event, Clean Air London are looking for innovative transport / infrastructure solutions to answer their challenge of increasing air quality across London.

New for the 2017 event The Intelligent Infrastructure Challenge is a competition involving specific infrastructure client challenges set by Highways England, Bristol City Council, Transport for the North, England’s¬†Economic Heartland¬†the London Air Quality Commission¬†and Transport Scotland. These challenges require innovative technical solutions to problems involving customer service and/or network efficiency and/or safety and security and /or performance.

Each shortlisted candidate will be able to exhibit their solution for free and will be asked to give a 5-minute presentation in The Hub. Each of the challenger clients will be tasked to pick a winner from the shortlist and award a prize at a special ceremony during the event on Thursday, November 9th. Winners will receive various levels of non-financial support from the challenger client.

Click the related documents link below to download the 2017 challenges and click here to apply.

Application closing date: 22nd September

For general enquiries contact Andrew Dowding.

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