Central Laser Facility and KTN event for pharma, medicine and life science

Posted on: 17/09/2018

An Industry day with a focus on Pharma, Medicine & Life Science at STFC’s Central Laser Facility – CANCELLED, apologies

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled – please contact the CLF team directly if you are interested in using their facilities.


The Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) are hosting an industry day with a focus on pharma, medicine and life science at the Central Laser Facility (CLF).

This event will showcase the state-of-the-art technology and techniques in spectroscopy and microscopy available for industrial access housed within the CLF.  The CLF is a national laboratory leading the way in laser research to investigate a broad range of science areas including complex biological systems, the structure and function of materials, and chemical reactions.

The event aims to highlight how lasers and advanced microscopes can be used to analyse and understand samples and products from the pharmaceutical, medicine and life science sectors in new, insightful ways.

Laser-based imaging techniques are used across the CLF for applications spanning life science and medicine.  The microscopy facility allows for the understanding of the mechanisms of chemical and biological synthesis and makes incredibly precise measurements of biological samples.  The microscopes are able to detect even single molecules fluorescing and can image molecular processes within cells allowing users to see products, drugs, formulations and processes in new ways and even closer detail.

The CLF already has industrial collaborations where, for example, it is using its ability to observe structural changes of proteins for new product development in biomedical and pharmaceutical applications and providing insights into chemical speciation during reactions for making more efficient catalytic products.

The CLF also collaborates with a number of pharmaceutical companies to understand drug receptors and activation pathways to assist in drug discovery and design, delving into the fundamental understanding of biochemical reactions.

Delegates will be able to discuss their product and/or process challenges and learn how they can access and benefit from the facilities at the CLF.  There are also a limited number of ‘expert panel’ sessions for companies keen to learn more about how the CLF techniques can be used to solve specific business critical or proprietary industrial challenges.  These private mini-sessions, fully protected by non-disclosure agreements, will provide companies with the opportunity to discuss current challenges with a select panel of scientific staff.

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