Celebrating CleanTech with the Rushlight Awards 2019-20

Posted on: 30/09/2019

The Rushlight Awards 2019-20 are now open to entries with a closing date on 30 November 2019.

The Rushlight Awards are the only set of awards designed specifically to support and promote all the latest clean technologies, innovations and initiatives for businesses and other organisations throughout UK, Ireland and internationally.

There are separate categories for each of the renewable energies, clean fuels, transport, energy efficiency, power generation and storage, resource, water, sustainable  manufacturing, agriculture and products, clean environment and deployment initiatives.

The presentations and results announcements will take place at the Awards Party after the Rushlight Show in January 2020 in London.

Awards categories

The Rushlight Awards have the following categories:

  1. Rushlight Solar Award
  2. Rushlight Ground and Air Source Power Award
  3. Rushlight Wind Power Award
  4. Rushlight Marine & Hydro Energy Award
  5. Rushlight Natural Energy Award РThe winners of awards 1 to 4 will be shortlisted for the Rushlight Natural Energy Award.
  6. Rushlight Bioenergy Award
  7. Rushlight Powered Transport Award
  8. Rushlight Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Award
  9. Rushlight Clean Energy Award РThe winners of awards 6 to 8 will be shortlisted for the Rushlight Clean Energy Award.
  10. Rushlight Power Generation and Transmission Award
  11. Rushlight Fossil Fuels Award
  12. Rushlight Nuclear Energy Award
  13. Rushlight Energy Reduction Award
  14. Rushlight Energy Efficiency Award
  15. Rushlight Energy Environmental Award РThe winners of awards 10 to 14 will be shortlisted for the Rushlight Energy Environmental Award.
  16. Rushlight Water Treatment Award
  17. Rushlight Water Management Award
  18. Rushlight Resource Management Award
  19. Rushlight Organic Resource Award
  20. Rushlight Resource Recycling Award
  21. Rushlight Waste to Energy Award
  22. Rushlight Resource Innovation Award РThe winners of awards 16 to 21 will be shortlisted for the Rushlight Resource Innovation Award.
  23. Rushlight Clean Environment Award
  24. Rushlight Responsible Product or Service Award
  25. Rushlight Sustainable Manufacturing & Services Award
  26. Rushlight Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry & Biodiversity Award
  27. Rushlight Environmental Analysis & Metrology Award
  28. Rushlight Sustainability Initiative Award
  29. Rushlight Environmental Management Award РThe winners of awards 23 to 28 will be shortlisted for the Rushlight Environmental Management Award.
  30. The Rushlight Award - Awarded to the overall winner for their substantial contribution to addressing environmental issues.

Find out more and enter

The Rushlight awards close to entries on 30 November 2019.

You can find out more about the many reasons to enter the Awards and find further information on the Rushlight website.

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