Building a stronger market for Bio-based products

Posted on: 03/05/2017

The Bio Based Innovations Expo aims to scale up the Bio-economy, through increasing market demand, improved product quality new collaborations.

The Bio Based Innovations Expo 2017 event, held at the NEC Birmingham on 5th & 6th July is designed to scale up the bio-economy and brings together over 1,200 attendees from across the bio-based and biodegradable industries value chain to debate the most innovative ways to overcome barriers to growth for the bio-economy.

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Specifically, the exhibition will focus on:

  • Scale up market demand: Consumer demand for plastic free oceans, regulatory pressure on a global scale and consistent research & development of innovative products are contributing factors towards estimates that the Bio-economy is going to explode in the future. The industry needs to know what steps can be taken in regulation, lobbying, infrastructure, product development to be in the best position to maximise impact when this industry booms.
  • Improving product quality & performance: Building demand for sustainable biological alternatives to plastics requires bio based products to be the most competitive products on the market. This theme will move away from reliance on green credentials to increase demand, but look at ways to make products that are higher quality, perform better and are the best economic solution.
  • How industry and governments can collaborate for increased support: On an international stage, ad-hoc regulations are being implemented throughout Europe and beyond, additionally, to stimulate large-scale growth in the bio-economy, regulatory and incentive support is essential from government. This theme will look at regulatory changes that need to take place, provide an overview of upcoming or recent policy changes and discuss the benefits that the bio-economy can provide the public sector and wider society.

Bio-based Innovations will be co-located with the UK AD & Biogas and World Biogas Expo 2017 and the Wastewater & Sewage Treatment Expo 2017 which means that when you register you can attend all sessions, exhibition stands and networking at every event.

Find out more and register on the Bio Based Innovation Expo 2017 website – attendance is free of charge.


You can also find other events of interest in our full listing of KTN events, including our Chemistry and Industrial Biotechnology Showcase 2017.

KTN’s Bioeconomy Specialist, Dr Yvonne Armitage, will be happy to provide advice on support mechanisms for biobased innovation.

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