BSI seeks comments on proposed new guide on use of sensors in digital manufacturing

Posted on: 18/06/2019

‘Digital manufacturing ‚Äì trustworthiness and precision of networked sensors’ – initial draft of the BSI standard is now available for public comment

BSI Group has produced a draft standard on¬†’Digital manufacturing ‚Äì trustworthiness and precision of networked sensors’ and has opened it up for public consultation. ¬†Comments can be received until 12 July and the standard can be accessed here once logged into the BSI Group’s system.

Sensor networks have the potential to give rise to significant benefits for manufacturing, generating valuable data in near real-time. However, the information generated by these networks is often poorly qualified, leading to the data not being trusted.

The increasing digitalisation and automation of many industries has led to greater reliance on the use of sensors to provide measurements of physical attributes of manufactured items, processes and environmental conditions. Sensors form a vital part of measurement and automation applications. Sensors may be embedded in products, systems or the environment and some may be body-worn to detect conditions that might harm the health or wellbeing of operatives working in potentially hazardous environments.

Given this growth in the use of sensors a PAS (Publicly Available Specification), developed by BSI and other stakeholders, provides a quick way to develop a standards guide for industry to use. ¬†PAS 7040, ‘Digital manufacturing ‚Äì trustworthiness and precision of networked sensors’, addresses the trustworthiness of sensors and their data, considering measurement and sensor fundamentals, the provenance of sensors and their data and the assessment of measurement uncertainty. It examines security issues that might impact on the trustworthiness of sensors and their use, including the transmission of data over a network. A risk management process for sensors is set out as well as the need for an organisation to have a strategy for the use of and reliance on networked sensors. The issue of sensor trust and identity is examined, along with measures regarding the sharing of sensor data and the maintenance of its long-term usefulness.

This PAS will provide guidance to raise understanding of how to assure measurements and support the process of encouraging timely adoption within key industry stakeholders, based on suitable and consistent guidance.

This PAS gives guidance on the quality and security measures for measurements generated by network sensors and transmitted over a network, in a manufacturing production line, or associated servitisation. It includes guidance how to assure measurements and support the process of adoption within key industry stakeholders.

It covers a range of issues including the precision of sensor measurements in a production environment, the origin of the data transmitted and received, the security of internet communication between a sensor and dependent components and the accuracy and authenticity of calibration of sensors over a secure internet/intranet.


How can you help?
The initial draft of the standard has been produced and is now available for public comment.  If you are involved in manufacturing or supplying systems to manufacturers please click here to log in, view the current draft and add comments. The public consultation period will end on the 12 July and the target date for release of the completed standard is December 2019.

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