Break Through Innovation 2 encourages companies to engage designers early in their innovation process

Posted on: 15/01/2020

Companies attending Break Through Innovation 2 event at the #DesignMuseum London hear about the learnings and success stories from #DesignFoundations

The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) Design and Innovation Effectiveness team hosted the second Break Through Innovation event in the inspirational London Design Museum with over 100 innovative companies championing design. There were stimulating insights from companies that have received funding under the Design Foundations funding programme, and valuable tips and tricks from Innovate UK funders and industry influencers.


The KTN Design and Innovation Effectiveness team focuses on promoting human-centred design as a strategic tool for business. They promote and support the design funding opportunities from Innovate UK that allow innovators to engage in design activities to identify innovation opportunities and find viable routes to market.


The take-home message of the day was that ‘Involving designers at the table early in the innovation processes makes a big difference’; helping start-ups to create the right idea and get it to market quicker, and helping larger, more established businesses, to expand their offering to new markets. Design can make products and services look good, but their real value is far more strategic and user centric if utilised earlier.


Hear insights from some of the delegates at the event below.

Click here for video

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If you are interested in conducting targeted research, creative problem-solving, low-budget testing of ideas or if you would like an introduction to, or advice about working with designers, speak to the KTN Design and Innovation Effectiveness team.

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