Are you a start-up or SME with a great tech solution for airports?

Posted on: 06/02/2019

New Civil Engineer are looking for SMEs and start-ups who have bold ideas on how to drive productivity and efficiency of airports.

A surge in passenger numbers at airports has created a huge demand for increased capacity in airports and large development plans up and down the UK to meet demand. Airports are facing obstacles over space constraints, pre-empting future trends and technology and maintaining a fully functioning airport while improving and expanding.

New Civil Engineer have brought together a panel of industry experts to hear your solutions.

The judges (Jason Fowler, Deputy Chair, British Aviation Group, and Mark Middleton, London Managing Partner, Grimshaw) will look for innovations that:

  • Use technologies that can safely be implemented in the airports sector to improve productivity
  • Have considered how the idea will be introduced in a live working environment causing minimum disruption
  • Are ready to be trialled in a live environment
  • Can be introduced and make a noticeable improvement to airport‚Äôs capacity in 5 years

These innovations could help:

  • Drive efficiency of airport ops
  • Deliver projects in a more cost and time efficient manner
  • Reduce carbon emissions in any stage of the airport experience
  • Improve passenger experience

Judges will be looking for innovations that are at early stage and are seeking a test bed to further prove the concept in a live environment.


  • Top three finalists will have exposure to the UK‚Äôs leading clients, contractors, engineers and suppliers
  • Finalists will receive 2 free delegate passes to both days of the conference to maximise networking time
  • Mentoring and feedback on your idea from our esteemed judges
  • The winner will have a write up by¬†New Civil Engineer

Judging Process

ONLINE ENTRIES: Please submit a 500 word entry on the New Civil Engineer website by 15th February 2019. You should explain how your bold idea and implementation of technology will improve airport efficiency. These innovations should achieve one (or more of the following): increased number of passengers that can use the airport, improved passenger experience, improved efficiency of delivering expansion and development, reduced carbon emissions.

LONG LIST JUDGING: On success of reaching the long list judging we will invite you into NCE, on the 9th April in London, to present in front of our judging panel. You should create an 8-10 minute presentation/pitch covering:

  • What your innovation is
  • Evidence of predicted impact ‚Ä쬆What changed will be noticed in 5 years,¬†statistics on improved efficiency, previous trial results etc.
  • How it will be installed/introduced in an airport environment¬†(considering minimal disruption to passengers)
  • Long term prospects ‚Ä쬆how will it be maintained, what‚Äôs the life expectancy?
  • How/why is your idea the future of airports?

This will then be followed by 10 minutes of questions from the judges.

LIVE PITCHES: Three finalists will be chosen based on their innovativeness and ability to make a difference, and will receive feedback from the judges on your pitch and idea. You will then be invited to present your idea on the main day of NCE’s Future of Airports conference on the 16th of May in London. This will be in front of leaders of the sector including clients, contractors and the supply chain giving you huge exposure to the aviation sector.

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