Air Command Innovation Day

Posted on: 13/02/2019

Defence and security companies, industry and academics are invited to attend an information event on 28th February in High Wycombe.

The Royal Air Force (RAF) looks forward to welcoming Defence companies, industry and academia for a day of discussion and information exchange around focused challenge topics.

The RAF is particularly interested in engaging with organisations who have not worked with Defence before.

The RAF will be informing attendees on the context of the future air environment capability, encouraging attendees to share ideas to help improve future operating and capability outcomes.

Attendees will be given the opportunity to inform the 2019 RAF Wargame (EAGLE WARRIOR 19) on next generation, novel and innovative ideas, concepts and capabilities which have the potential to change the way the RAF operates.

There will be a plenary session for attendees to question senior Air personnel in an open forum and workshops focused on tackling specific Defence challenges. Delegates will be able to attend one workshop during the event. When registering you will be asked to rate which workshop you would like to attend in order of preference.

To register for a free place, click here.

Further details about the workshops can be found below.

Workshops: Multi-Domain Operations in a Contested, Degraded Environment

Workshop 1: Command and Control

Communication flow and data – How do we transform our future plans?
How do we maximise the effectiveness of our assets, from the tactical to the operational, whilst coordinating with other Services and our Allies?
Focused discussion around bearers, security, resilience, interoperability, bandwidth and process, exploitation and dissemination.

Workshop 2: Concealment, Camouflage and Deception

Physical and virtual – How do we conceal our assets, activities and intent to protect our people and assets and prevent the enemy anticipating our actions?
How do we combine physical, virtual and electromagnetic deception against automated and autonomous systems?

Workshop 3: Optimising Human Capability

How do we improve the effectiveness of our personnel, enabling them to take effective action and make effective decisions in the presence of ever increasing amounts of information and increasingly rapid operations?
Harnessing machine learning and artificial intelligence into the human decision-making process to improve information advantage.
The art of manned/unmanned teaming.

Workshop 4: Sensing at Range

How can we find enemy assets, discern intent and determine the effects of our actions at increasing ranges against enemy camouflage, concealment and deception techniques and in areas where we might be denied access?

Please note:
Registration closes at midday, Monday 18 February 2019.
Registration for this event does not guarantee you a place. A confirmation email will be sent shortly after registration closes notifying you if you are successful or not.
The information you provide will be used by the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) and the RAF for and after the event to engage with you on ideas and their development. Please indicate on the registration if this is something you do not wish to do.

Photographic ID (drivers licence or passport) will be required to attend this event.

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