Accelerating the commercialisation of innovative technologies in health, energy, environment, food & drink, materials and enabling technologies

Posted on: 18/06/2018

The Royal Society of Chemistry’s annual Emerging Technologies Competition is now open with a deadline on 2nd July.

The Royal Society of Chemistry holds an annual Emerging Technologies Competition with the aim of accelerating the commercialisation of innovative technologies in the following areas:

  • Health¬† – New drugs and therapies;¬†Devices for drug delivery;¬†Targeted drug delivery;¬†Novel modes of drug administration for paediatrics and geriatrics;¬†Diagnostic devices (in vivo and in vitro);¬†New technologies for infection prevention;¬†Antimicrobials;¬†Epigenetics;¬†Screening, collection enhancement and monitoring;¬†Sensors and microfluidics;¬†Novel taste-masking technologies for pharmaceuticals
  • Energy & environment -¬†Energy efficiency;¬†Energy conversion and storage;¬†Renewable fuels and renewable energy;¬†Low energy cleaning;¬†Waste minimisation;¬†Renewable feedstocks;¬†Environmental monitoring;¬†Fuel cell and battery technology;¬†Water/ air quality and purification;¬†Chemicals from carbon dioxide;¬†Carbon capture and storage;¬†Hydrogen storage and (bio)hydrogen production
  • Food & drink -¬†Healthy food and nutrition;¬†Food safety;¬†Smart ingredients;¬†Novel delivery technologies;¬†Food and raw material authenticity, security and traceability;¬†Clean label;¬†Food ingredient stability and monitoring;¬†Crop protection and agricultural productivity;¬†Water quality;¬†Sustainable practices in process efficiency and waste minimisation
  • Materials & enabling technologies -¬†Sustainability benefits in use;¬†Sustainable & smart packaging;¬†Polymers and coatings;¬†Delivery and encapsulation technology;¬†New technology for surface modification;¬†Soft matter materials;¬†Novel catalysts, including enzymes;¬†Materials for use in electronic and magnetic applications;¬†Materials for extreme environments;¬†New composites;¬†Novel process technologies;¬†Novel characterisation methods

The competition is a chance to gain exposure for your technology, receive tailored support from the competition partners, and win up to £10,000 to develop your idea. It is free to enter and open to small companies and universities, from across the UK and Europe. There will be eight winners Рtwo in each category Рand many benefits for the 40 shortlisted entrants, including free tickets to Chemistry Means Business 2018.

The competition closes on 2nd July 2018.

You can find out more and apply here.

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