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Posted on: 28/03/2017

KTN facilitated a number of SME networking opportunities at the Smart IoT London event…


The Smart IoT London event took place on 21st and 22nd March 2017 at ExCeL London and KTN facilitated some great networking opportunities for a group of ten SMEs, who were given the opportunity to meet some industry experts and took part in panel discussions:


Andersons Partners help businesses bring innovative products and services to market. We find intuitive solutions that unlock value for businesses and consumers. Our Memory Tracks platform helps Dementia sufferers, carers, and loved ones, use reminiscence songs to trigger memories, assist with care, and help with daily tasks through song-task association.


The Future Care (UK) Ltd
The Future Care (UK) Ltd is an innovative and disruptive provider of health and wellbeing solutions in the UK and abroad. We uses assistive technologies to deliver affordable, efficient and scalable health and wellbeing solutions across the public and private sectors.


UREASON understands how to leverage data to its fullest potential, from gaining insights, predicting trends to providing pro-active decision support in-order to reduce risk and business uncertainly. Our team of experts work with organisations to deploy production ready solutions utilising Machine Learning, Complex-Event-Processing, Analytics, Operational Intelligence and Asset Performance Management.

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Aura 360
Aura 360 is an authoring and content management suite for immersive 360 experiences. The product empowers non-technical content owners to create, publish, update and receive user metrics and analytics in their VR environments. The suite of tools enable content development and self-publishing distribution via URL deployment. Content can be viewed across VR headset, desktop, tablet and smartphone.


Orxa Grid
Orxa Grid develops sensors and predictive solutions to help electric grids reduce losses and increase efficiency. Orxa’s low cost, real-time IoT sensors are installed on substations, distribution transformers and power lines. Cloud based algorithms analyse sensor data and provide grids with complete visibility, accurate fault analysis and predictive efficiency recommendations.


Passive Eye
Passive Eye is a self-powered GPS tracker that never needs battery recharging or replacement. Our commercial focus is asset tracking, asset security and asset management. Passive Eye provides businesses with valuable information about the state of their assets that are positioned or used outdoors, about asset utilisation and asset optimisation.


ECODE Networks
ECODE Networks, an Open Networking Foundation (ONF) member is a provider of SDN/NFV Management and Orchestration solutions. Abstracting the traditional network functions and bridging with the new Software Defined Network, Ecode is helping customers to migrate to next-generation of Networks. Ecode’s orchestration engine gives an end to end provisioning solution.


Infi-tex are a smart sensor company, with a new class of patented smart pressure sensitive materials which will enable new switches and sensors to be printed onto textiles. Ideally suited for use in the rapidly growing field of connected textiles. They are touch sensitive whilst retaining the benefits of traditional textiles, washability, durability, and adaptability to fashion or usage demands.


ThingTrax help manufacturers reduce downtime by capturing and analysing machine, motor and operator data. Our devices capture data, our cloud platform analyses it, and we send actionable insights before problems occur.


Q-Sphere is an experienced, innovative IT company building solutions that explode current standards. At the cutting edge, Q-Sphere delivers to companies a definitive advantage..Q-Sphere specialises in the design, development and operations of complex, distributed, real-time systems designed for extreme resilience and scalability, and for easy integration with legacy and third-party systems.

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