5 Qualities to boost sustainable resilience

Posted on: 07/12/2020
WII Resilience

Victoria CoxenResilience: A guest post by Victoria Coxen, Leadership and Systemic Team Coach and Coach in Residence for Women in Innovation.

“Resilience is building capability to embrace and learn from situations so that we grow and develop and become even stronger as people: for ourselves, the people around us and the systems we are responsible for.”




The Resilience Multiplier Model

If we practise the 5 qualities, it is a resilience ‘booster’!




Just as we were all getting our heads around the meaning of a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, 2020 added Covid19 – so it’s now a VUCAC19 world.

As a coach, I experience in the moment how the wider system affects my clients. The common over-arching coaching theme for this year is, without question, resilience.

“How can I be more resilient?” is the most asked question of 2020 closely followed by “How can my business or team be more resilient?”

Everyone faces tough times. Yet, there is no single answer to these burning questions because we are all unique. We are on our own personal journey with our own special blend of history, experiences, emotions, values, morals, attitudes, personality, influences, people and expectations.

A while ago, when trying to answer the “How can I be more resilient?” question myself, I discovered many resilience models. However, most of them focused on helping people survive and bounce back from difficult times. So, with some fellow coaches, we researched and co-created a new model rooted in positive psychology and our ability to be whole, resourceful and self-motivated. When we become the definition of resilience above, we can connect to our greater purpose and be ‘match fit for life’ as realistically, it is a tough match at times.

We draw on the 5 sustainable qualities of the ‘Resilience Multiplier’ model in different quantities at different times. Compassion is at the centre of the model as that is the ‘power-up’ button. Not only is the model a multiplier but it also has a power-up button in it:

1. Compassion

Resilient people get that suffering is part of human existence and show kindness in the way they treat themselves and others.

They look after their physical and emotional well-being to stay healthy. They accept themselves while still working on themselves

When we are healthy, we can manage our emotions, sustain energy and think creatively to bring about positive outcomes.

At the same time, resilient people serve others and connect and engage without judgement to the wider world/society they are a part of. They remain grounded and centred by gaining energy and meaning from their connections.

2. Coherence

Resilient people are self-aware. They have a solid understanding of themselves, their role in the world, how they impact on others and what they proactively need to do to shape and direct their life and their work.

They choose where they focus their attention – on things they can change and they accept or let go of things they are unable to change. Resilience is also about recovery before we charge off into the next thing.

3. Commitment

Resilient people focus positively. They gain energy and motivation from working in ways that are true to self and their purpose, in behaviour and action, in life and work.

This guides and enables them to focus their energy. They maximise their return on effort by remaining optimistic and yet realistic about what can be achieved.

4. Connection

Resilient people proactively interact with others in ways that are meaningful and productive for both parties. They invite relationships and exchange, reaching out to others to give and receive support.

Being resilient, we connect to othersworlds and actively adapt our approach, mindsets and ways of thinking, as circumstances change and new information or understanding is gained, leading to positive outcomes.

5. Courage

Resilient people look for opportunities to do things differently and better and step bravely into difficult or challenging situations that require them to take thoughtful, contained risk.

If we are to be resilient, we need to find the courage to look at the things we need to change about ourselves and be willing to be vulnerable, consciously seeking to develop and grow not just ourselves but those around us too, so that we can thrive and perform in an ever-changing environment.

Resilience is something we all have. It is free and available to us anytime, anyplace and anywhere. We can strengthen and flex our resilience like a muscle, in the unique way that we need in the moment – so that we are match fit for our life.
Watch the full KTN Resilience webinar recording below!

In June 2020, the Women in Innovation Programme awarded 18 women with monthly pro bono coaching sessions. Due to the success of the pilot programme, the coaching team have agreed to an ongoing special coaching package of 33% off their normal rates for a limited number of women within the Women in Innovation community. Find out more here.

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