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Posted on: 05/09/2018

KTN develops web platform and regional deployment model for its innovative 4Manufacturing® initiative

KTN is pleased to announce the publication of a new report on our 4Manufacturing® initiative. 4Manufacturing® aims to help manufacturers, particularly SMEs, to engage with digital technologies – a transformative opportunity for industry often referred to as a “fourth industrial revolution”. Through 4Manufacturing® we have developed an approach and engaged one-to-one with well over 200 SMEs (across sectors and regions) to test and refine it.

One of the manufacturing businesses we’ve helped РAutocraft Drivetrain Solutions Рsaid:

‘we have been connected directly to people that can help us. We went to KTN with specific issues, and got introduced to a network of innovation companies, opening our eyes to lots of other opportunities…it is much faster, and at a lower risk, than doing it yourself’

You can view our video case study on Autocraft Drivetrain Solutions here.

Based on the insights from these engagements over the last year we’ve been developing and testing an approach that will facilitate national coverage. Central to this is working with regional stakeholders (such as LEPs, Growth Hubs, and their equivalents in the devolved administrations) and capitalising on the ongoing relationships that they have with businesses in their geographies. In order to facilitate this we have developed a web platform that incorporates a sophisticated, purpose-designed tool for capturing status and progress.

4Manufacturing® has been developed with the support of Innovate UK. It draws upon the unique breadth of KTN along with our strong working relationships with the key stakeholders in UK manufacturing such as the High Value Manufacturing Catapult.
As we work to exploit 4Manufacturing® further we will continue to explore synergies with initiatives such as Made Smarter, the Digital Readiness Levels tool, etc. Our aim is always to join things up and make things straightforward for business.

Juergen Maier, CEO of Siemens, who led the recent “Made Smarter” review on behalf of government, said:

‘Industry 4.0 is a revolution which is happening at a pace at which all types and sizes of businesses can get on board. So, if you’re an SME, it is not too late to be part of this revolution. My advice is to work out which technologies work for you to improve your productivity and find support such as 4Manufacturing® within our excellent ecosystem, to signpost and de-risk your project.’

The full interview with Juergen Maier is available here.

Key point checklist

4Manufacturing® is now at a stage where national deployment is a realistic objective. Find out more at www.4manufacturing.co.uk.

We’ve developed an approach and engaged 230 SMEs (across sectors and regions) to test and refine it.

We’re taking a place-based approach, which capitalises on relationships that regional stakeholders already have with the businesses in their regions and enables KTN to extend its impact.

This draws upon the full breadth of KTN & our strong working relationships with the key stakeholders in UK manufacturing such as HVM Catapult

This is part of KTN’s broader strategy of working with digital tools, and on place agenda.

Autocraft case study

Juergen Maier interview

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