The 2035 UK Battery Recycling Industry Vision

Posted on: 03/07/2023

The Cross-Sector Battery Systems Innovation Network has developed a 2035 UK Battery Recycling Industry Vision through an infographic and its supportive report to outline how the industry can continue to grow and become more sustainable in the future.

This vision reflects how sustainable battery recycling across the supply chain can be a reality in the future; the importance of critical minerals including cobalt and lithium; and the journey towards electrification of road transport which will help governments across the world achieve their Net Zero and decarbonisation goals.

Nikoleta Piperidou, Infrastructure & Energy Knowledge Transfer Manager and Sheena Hindocha, Materials Chemistry Knowledge Transfer Manager from Innovate UK KTN have created this infographic with its supportive report as a call for collaboration across the UK and globally on policy, regulations, research, investment, skills and infrastructure development.

Battery recycling: a new market destination with significant business opportunities

As the UK strengthens its position in battery recycling and gigafactory investment increases throughout the country, by 2040, the UK is predicted to be producing nearly 1.6 million electric vehicles packed with batteries, every year. The estimated global battery recycling market is worth over £27 billion. These batteries could create 45,000 tonnes of waste. Disposal is not an option as harmful chemicals can leak into the environment. It’s time to develop a UK-owned, end-of-life infrastructure that takes advantage of this energy opportunity.

It’s important that sustainable battery research and innovation takes place to improve battery recycling processes and create a more efficient, environmentally friendly battery lifecycle so that end of life battery packs are recycled responsibly, and reusable materials are used in future battery manufacturing using intelligent battery supply chain management systems.

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