10 ambitious companies taking part in the first Geospatial Investment Readiness and Pitchfest

Posted on: 26/06/2019

Run in partnership between KTN and Geovation, the programme is designed to support companies looking to secure investment and scale up.

The Geospatial Investment Readiness and Pitchfest in collaboration with Geovation, is all about helping ambitious companies working in the field of geospatial data be more confident in the delivery of their ‘story’ or pitch. The programme is¬†designed to support companies looking to secure investment and it culminates with an opportunity to pitch directly to a number of pre-selected investors.¬†It also provides a high quality networking experience for entrepreneurs and investors to spark new ideas and opportunities. This the first activity of KTN’s new Geospatial Insights Special Interest Group and hails the start of a new work programme to drive innovation and commercialisation of products and services using geospatial data.

10 companies have been selected to participate in the programme.

Emu Analytics is a London-based SME founded in 2015, which produces innovative, cloud-based analytics and visualisation software for fast moving, high volume geospatial and temporal datasets, such as those derived from large networks, IOT sensors, mobile devices, vehicles and transport networks. The company’s key product offers organisations the means to interact with insights derived from these sorts of data sets, in a highly accessible, visual and intuitive manner, ensuring that the whole organisation can benefit from this intelligence, and not limiting to just those with technical training in data platforms.

WatchKeeper International is a data integration platform that maps an organisation’s assets and personnel alongside real-time risk feeds. This gives security and business continuity managers complete situational awareness of violent incidents or natural disasters that could impact employee safety or business critical operations. Using geospatial technologies, secure cloud-based SaaS infrastructure and industry-leading risk data providers, WatchKeeper visualises disparate data feeds on a single mapping display. Out-of-the-box functionality provides real-time monitoring and alerting of adverse events in close proximity to client’s entities, whilst dashboards and analytical tools give instantaneous metrics on specific assets, employees or business functions that may be at risk. This allows organisations to proactively identify and mitigate threats and safeguard employees.

Geomatic Ventures Limited (GVL) produce high-quality maps of land subsidence using satellite Earth Observation data. Their competitive advantage is that their products are able to comprehensively map both the urban and rural environment at high-resolution. They have established a production line for the processing of the data which is fast, reliable, sustainable, accurate and low-cost using Patent-Pending technology. The company has focussed on developing products and testing the sales climate, primarily through centrally-funded innovation projects. The company is now at the position where it needs investment to turn the company from survival into a growing success.

HelloHub is a London based tech start-up specialising in developing local communications tools that work on-the-go or in-venue. Their introductory product TubeChat is a short-range messaging tool that works in low connectivity areas including the London Underground. TubeChat featured amongst the Top 100 apps in the UK App Store (Social Networking category in Nov 18) and has received press coverage by the BBC, TimeOut, Evening Standard and Conde Nast Traveller.

PolyStar Ltd is a new spinout from Cambridge University to commercialise a cutting-edge analytical data tool developed by two cosmology professors, both now directors of the company. PolyChord originally analysed data collected by the Planck satellite, and now are looking to apply it to similar Big and Complex Data problems. PolyStar Ltd. is a new company which will have exclusive global rights to use PolyChord technology in analysis and prediction in coastal erosion, creating a predictive model to target future problem areas with cost-saving, pre-emptive measures.

Ryelore Ai builds artificial intelligence that enables earth observation. Using an advanced AI platform, the company is building new data services that leverage satellite imagery and cutting-edge AI to create new management insight and data for key industries. These industries include asset management, private equity, infrastructure funds, investment banks, energy, development finance organisations and governments. Customers and development partners include the European Space Agency.

Satellite Vu was founded in 2016 to bring the science and technology of earth observation to a wider audience. In this era of so-called ‘New Space’ where space technology can be brought to market faster and more cost-effectively, the company endeavours to apply earth observation to global challenges such as climate change and pollution. Inspired by Sir David Attenborough’s words: “Never before have we had such an awareness of what we are doing to the planet, and never before have we had the power to do something about it.” The firm’s ambition is to use their technology to make a difference in ocean plastic pollution detection, and locating and rating investments for sustainable finance.

SiriusInsight.AI was founded in 2016. Their software development team utilises current and emerging Artificial Intelligence technologies, including Explainable AI, in producing the SiriusInsight.AI platform and its many applications for operators in the maritime sector. The platform tracks and analyses over 200,000 vessels a day from multiple data sources providing operational insights for maritime operators in the Insurance, Regulatory, Security (Military, Coastguard) and Operational (Port Operators, Shipowners, Logistics) sectors. Tailored applications for clients include tools for the monitoring of Sanctions Compliance, the quantification of Risk and vetting of fleets for Insurance Underwriters and Brokers. Other applications are being developed.

Landworth is the UK’s first Digital Buying Agent, which helps property buyers make one of the biggest financial decisions of their life.¬†Landworth offers a free tool to¬†aggregate and analyse property listings using an impartial algorithm to value the property market, empowering buyers with knowledge and confidence to¬†negotiate better and complete their purchase.¬†Landworth was founded by two Computer Science course-mates who understand the struggle of buying property in the UK, so they made it their goal to work together to increase transparency in the market.

RenKap want to help alleviate the housing crisis by using tech to scale the delivery of genuinely affordable homes. They are the first online marketplace aggregating and connecting small under-utilised public sector development sites with the supply chain that can build affordable homes at scale. RenKap’s vision is to become the largest House Builder in the U.K. without directly building homes. They want to do to the property sector what Airbnb did to Hospitality and what Uber did to Transportation.

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