Intelligent Systems

The Intelligent Systems Team applies their deep expertise to create a better, fairer and more resilient economy, utilising the capabilities of machines to perceive and respond to the world around them. This includes anything from surgical robots in healthcare, to drones flying over fields with AI enabled cameras to analyse images and implement solutions in near-real time.

We are interested in how automated systems interact with human users and other environments. At Innovate UK KTN, we are particularly interested in ( but not limited to) factory automation, field and service robotics, assistive robotics, military applications, medical care, education, entertainment, visual inspection, character recognition, human identification (i.e. via face, fingerprints, iris, hand), visual surveillance and intelligent transportation. The intelligent systems team works closely with the expertise in the Robotics and AI sub-sector as well as the other sectors within Innovate UK KTN.

Our main goal is to help you form powerful connections with new partners from industry, SMEs, startups and research institutions in order to turn ambitious ideas into real-world solutions. We also use our deep expertise and networks to create diverse connections and link you to funding and investment opportunities. If you are an end-user or innovator looking to explore new markets, expand existing markets or would like to make a positive change using the power of intelligent systems, we are here to help.

Melanie Cassley

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Melanie Cassley

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Fairness Innovation Challenge - addressing bias and discrimination in AI

Opens: 16/10/2023 Closes: 13/12/2023

UK registered organisations can apply for a share of up to £400k for projects resulting in new solutions to address bias and discrimination in AI systems.

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SBRI: Enhancing medical supply chain resilience with drones

Opens: 01/11/2023 Closes: 20/12/2023

Organisations can apply for a share of £500k to enhance understanding of drone solutions in healthcare supply chains, including NHS logistics.

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Innovation Exchange challenge: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Opens: 20/11/2023 Closes: 09/01/2024

The UK Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) are exploring how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can enhance efficiency and capability.

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