Women in Innovation: Let’s talk about…The Power of Together

Businesses play a fundamental role in addressing global challenges. Hear from professionals who are building a more equitable, sustainable world through their projects and through supporting diverse entrepreneurs making their mark in the responsible innovation arena in our second 2022 webinar part of the Let’s talk about…series.

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10.00 - 11.00



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There is undeniable power when communities come together as a force for good. When they create the space for its members to share experiences, cheer each other on, empower and elevate one another. Connections, a sense of belonging and psychological safety can be transformational at an individual and societal level. When we come together in a safe, open environment we can flourish, functioning at our best and creating sustainable impact.

This session offers inspirational advice and insights into how we can all drive The Power of Together, how we can get involved in communities of change agents and what the ingredients for thriving communities are.

Watch our third 2022 webinar part of the Let’s talk about…series, to hear from inspiring professionals who are empowering communities of entrepreneurs to elevate each other for everyone’s benefit. Learn from their experiences of what makes a thriving community. Share your insights and networks. (Re)Discover your community.

The “Let’s Talk About…” webinar series started in 2020 is designed to drive powerful conversations, share stories, and provide inspirational advice from women and male allies at the heart of the discussion.

Chaired by a guest host and featuring a panel of incredible speakers, join the conversation, share tips and advice, connect with one another, and most importantly get motivated and inspired to uncover your true potential.


  • Veronica Frincu, D&I Partner | Innovate UK KTN
  • Marc Ortmans, Co-Founder & Chair | Global Entrepreneurship Network UK (GEN UK)
  • Lamé Verre FEI, Co-Founder & Board Co-Chair | Lean In | Equity & Sustainability

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