Women in Innovation: Building Success - Innovation Grant Funding

This webinar will provide an overview of innovation grant schemes for start-ups and small businesses, eligibility criteria and how to access them.

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13.00 - 14.00



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Understanding the latest innovation grant funding opportunities and how to access them can be tricky. However, it could make all the difference in helping your ground-breaking innovation off the ground.

Webinar recording is now available


What will you learn? 

  • The Innovation grant landscape – what opportunities for funding are out there?
  • What stage is my innovation at? Explaining Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs)
  • What definition of SME does my business fit?
  • Stages of technology development (maturity) – Why are they important?
  • What grants are suitable for my business (whether my business is a start-up or an established / growth business)
  • Is my business eligible to apply for this grant?
  • Is my idea / concept an example of radical innovation?
  • What is the process of applying for grants – such as Innovate UK’s SMART grant?
  • How can I prepare a good grant application?
  • Learn about resources and support available to help with your innovation journey

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