Women in Innovation: Building Success - Impostor Syndrome

Fed up of feeling like a fraud? Learn how to manage the impostor within.

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14.00 - 15.00



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Do you feel that you’re waiting to be found out, that your success is due to luck or that others have an inflated view of you? You are not alone! Many high achieving women feel the same.

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The feelings of being a fake, phoney or impostor, despite your successes and achievements, can be debilitating and often come at a high cost both professionally and personally.

This webinar explores what the Impostor Syndrome or Impostor Phenomenon (as it is correctly known) is, how it shows up and the toll it can take on you. The session offers practical insights and techniques and provides space to reflect on how you can spot it and what you can do to manage the imposter within.

The Building Success webinar series has been designed to provide practical advice and tools for women innovators. The series explores topics ranging from marketing through to intellectual property, funding & finance and HR & recruitment.


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